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My reading preferences are always pretty diverse as it depends upon my mood when I enter a bookstore, and also which subject is grabbing my attention at that time. My main passions are:

One Nation Under God - A book which I think everyone ought to read. (Link takes you to the review where you can see why).

Books written in French:

Stuff from teen years like Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, Black Beauty, The Giver and so on. Any help in helping me put together a list of good french books, would be greatly appreciated.

Religion and Spirituality: I have dipped a toe into many a religion but found that none really rang true with me. My personal path seems to wander in the realms of Wicca, Shamanism, Buddhism and common sense. I just try to keep an open mind, refrain from judging others though I admit I judge myself often and harshly, always act with kindness and honesty and basically treat others as I would wish to be treated. It works for me.

The Holocaust, Rwanda (and other genocides): I always want to read more about these subjects. While these are extremely depressing topics and often overwhelming when faced with such a waste of lives, I believe the more people learn about these times, the less likely it is that we will allow it to happen again. That could be wishful thinking though.

Countries, Cultures and Relations: I love to learn both about my country and others. I tend to read the books on politics, history and current events as it often gives a deeper insight into the countries.

Geisha: Ever since reading Memoirs of a Geisha, I have been intrigued and eager to learn everything about this. So much of the content touched my heart and the traits of a Geisha are very similar to those of my own submissive lifestyle.

Languages: I have always loved languages though my own skills are currently limited to English, four years of rusty highschool German and three years of very rusty highschool French. The French and German I remember very little of. I hope to improve myself in those three languages before I move on to others. I will be working on improving my English grammar and also reading books simultaneously in either French and English or German and English to build my fluency.

The Environment and Nature: This is a subject I am very new to but I am finding myself very passionate about these issues already. I am working to educate myself on how to better help preserve our planet, than help to devastate it.

Self Improvement: Whether it is learning how to better handle my time and stresses of everyday life, how to improve the way I relate to my loved ones and those around me or how to feel better about myself (I am a survivor) I read a lot of Self Improvement books. Currently I would like to make Relating to Teens a priority.

Bizarro: Weird fiction, yay. I only just discovered this genre and I am loving it to far. I am enjoying the works of Chuck Palahniuk and I am sure exploring this genre is going to be a thrilling ride.

3-Day Novels: I first fell in love with 3-Day Novels when I had the chance to read Day Shift Werewolf by Jan Underwood. Since then I have loved reading the winner every year. It never ceases to amaze me that such quality books can be written in just 3 days. Ideally I hope to get copies of all the winning titles starting back with the very first winner in the year 1979 (when I was just 5 years old)

List: (Italic: Wanted. Bold: I have)

Thorazine Beach by Bradley Harris
Terroryaki! by Jennifer K. Chung
Snowmen by Mark Sedore
The Videographer by Jason Rapczynski
In the Garden of Men by John Kupferschmidt
The Convictions of Leonard McKinley by Brendan McLeod
Day Shift Werewolf by Jan Underwood
Love Block by Meghan Austin and Shannon Mullally
Struck by Geoffrey Bromhead
Socket by David Zimmerman
Small Apartments by Chris Millis
Skin by Bonnie Bowman
Ruby Ruby by Bradley Harris
The Underwood by P.G. Tara
Tacones by Todd Klinck
Body Speaking Words by Loree Harrell
Stolen Voices/Vacant Rooms by Steve Lundin and Mitch Perry
A Circle of Birds by Hayden Trenholm
O Father by Bill Dodds
Wastefall by Stephen E. Miller
Pawn to Queen: A Chris Prior Mystery by Pat Dobie
Starting Small by John Dunn
Hardwired Angel by Candas Jane Dorsey & Nora Abercrombie
Momentum by Marc Diamond
Nothing So Natural by Jim Curry
This Guest of Summer by Jeff Doran
Still by b.p. nichol
Accordion Lessons by Ray Serwylo
Dr. Tin by Tom Walmsley (re-published as Shades)
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I am currently updating my library.

I am 42, married to my wonderful husband (of almost 13 years now) and we share our home with many furbabies which consist of both dogs and cats. We move every few years (canadian airforce) which I both love and hate. Anyone who has ever dealt with movers, understands why I hate it. I love the chances to see new places though.

I love reading, spending time with loved ones, watching movies, spending time in the great outdoors, photography, writing poetry and erotic fiction, reviewing books, and learning new languages. If there is a book in my collection that you would like to see a review of, please leave me a message and let me know. I aim to review every title in my collection but sometimes have no idea which book to read next.

Oh yeah, the picture of me is a portrait drawn by one of my online friends as a surprise, who sadly I lost touch with.
Manitoba, Canada
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