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Simran K.
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My library is eclectic, a mixture of hand-me-down books, books I've collected, books from college, special interest books, etc... Many years ago, I dreamed of having a personal library in my home and though I do, it’s not quite what I imagined. Currently, I have four tall matching bookcases completely filled and many other books scattered throughout the house. There is an anticipated move in the not-so-far-off distance, so I’m finally getting around to cataloging, since they’ll likely end up in storage for a period of time.
About Me
I'm a lifelong bibliophile. Ahhhhh books! I love books, the scent of books, the texture of the pages and the thrill of discovering what is hidden behind the cover. My imagination sees walls filled with ancient and beautiful tomes, a comfortable chair, a cat on my lap and my current read in hand. My interests over the years have been in animal rescue, computers, design, gardening, genealogy, religion, books, literature, children’s books, dungeons and dragons, biology / dna, wildlife, hiking and the great outdoors. In 1997, I climbed Mt. Chocorua in the White Mountains in New Hampshire with a group of friends. One of the greatest experiences in my life. I love to learn, a perpetual student for life.

Otherwise, I studied Interior Design in college, ended up working in the business side of the healthcare industry and working for a company that develops medical billing software. Got involved with yoga in 2017 which led me on an amazing and unexpected journey. My yoga teacher encouraged me to go through yoga teacher training. Learned about the Sikh religion through yoga. Made friends with a Sikh man in Amritsar, India and traveled outside of the U.S. for the first time in my life to visit him and his family. Flew into Delhi, stayed at a beautiful bed-and-breakfast, rode the train to Amritsar, visited the Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple) several times, got more sick than I’ve ever been in my whole life, enjoyed authentic Punjabi food, and fell head over heels in love. Had an simple but beautiful ring ceremony (engagement) at a small village Gurdwara right on the India-Pakistan border. Finding myself completely fascinated with the religion and culture and now learning Punjabi/ Gurmukhi. Ten years ago, if someone had told me I’d end up a yoga teacher, travel to India and marry a Sikh Nihang Singh / gatka teacher from Punjab I’d never have believed them. Waheguru!
Florida’s Nature Coast
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