About My Library
My LibraryThing library is just a catalogue of what I have now at home. I haven't added everything I've ever read e.g. borrowed/as a child/at school/at uni. I like to pretend that I will read all this stuff again some day, but it seems unlikely apart from staple favourites.
Favourite book of the bunch? Difficult, but I'll go with To Kill A Mockingbird - read at a time of teenage idealism and the sense of injustice never really left me.
About Me
I have decided that all bookshops are evil, since I can't go into one without buying something. Even though I work in a huge university library, I have some bizarre need to own the books I read. Weird, and only really relating to fiction.
But generally, life is good :0) Despite the picture I love my job and only occasionally do I pull that face at some of the more 'challenged' students I meet. Example: 'I borrowed a book the other week, it was quite thin and had a red cover, do you know the one I mean?' Obviously, cos I know what all 2 million of our books look like.....
Birmingham, UK
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