U.S. fiction (Pie safe) (25), English literature (Den Mission bookcase) (15), Photo monograph (THE Wall - 2nd tier) (13), U.S. Fiction (Den wallshelves) (12), U.S. fiction (THE Wall - 2nd tier) (12), U.S. fiction (THE Wall - 5th tier) (11), English Literature (Den wallshelves) (11), U (10), Photography (THE Wall - 3rd tier) (9), U.S. Fiction (Den bookcase) (8), English Literature (THE Wall - 1st tier) (8), Self explanatory (THE Wall - 6th tier) (8), French Literature (Den Mission bookcase) (7), French literature (Den Mission bookcase) (7), English fiction (THE Wall - 6th tier) (7), Cross section of world literature (7), Italian literature (Pie safe) (7), English Literature (THE Wall - 3rd tier) (6), The Notable Trials Library (THE Wall - 2nd tier) (6), U.S. Fiction (THE Wall - 1st tier) (6), Biography (Bedroom - Phoenix bookrack) (6), English literature (Den wallshelves) (6), criticism etc. (Pie safe) (6), U.S. History (THE Wall - 1st tier) (6), U.S. Theater (Den wallshelves) (6), Biography (THE Wall - 2nd tier) (6), Art (Living room coffee table) (6), Russian literature (THE Wall - 4th tier) (6), English literature (THE Wall - 3rd tier) (5), U.S. fiction (THE Wall - 4th tier) (5), Humor (THE Wall - 2nd tier) (5), U.S. fiction (Den wallshelves) (5), English fiction (Pie safe) (5), English theater (Pie safe) (5), Biography and history (THE Wall - 4th tier) (5), Russian literature (Pie safe) (5), Canadian fiction (Den wallshelves) (5), Italian fiction (Pie safe) (4), Victorian English Literature (Den foodshelves) (4), Humor (4), English fiction (THE Wall - 4th tier) (4), French Literature - Fiction (Den Mission bookcase) (4), Legal history - Legal Classics Library (THE Wall - 3rd tier) (4), Self explanatory (Living room wallshelves) (4), English Literature - Fiction (Den wallshelves) (4), Biography (Den Mission bookcase) (4), Yiddish fiction (THE Wall - 5th tier) (4), Portuguese fiction (Living room cubecase) (4), U.K. - Rhodesian fiction (Den - food bookcase) (4), Self Explanatory (Teacart) (4), History (Den bookcase) (4), Legal philosophy - Legal Classics Library (THE Wall - 4th tier) (3), Egyptian fiction (THE Wall - 4th tier) (3), Biography (THE Wall - 5th tier) (3), World War II history (THE Wall - 2nd tier) (3), Humor - Collection of Columns (Den bookcase) (3), Russian Literature (Den wallshelves) (3), French Literature (THE Wall - 3rd tier) (3), Norwegian Literature (Den wallshelves) (3), English Literature (Den Mission bookcase) (3), World History (THE Wall - 1st tier) (3), African(Somalian) Fiction (THE Wall - 1st tier) (3), French fiction (THE Wall - 2nd tier) (3), Biography (THE Wall - 4th tier) (3), Czech Fiction (Den foodshelves) (3), English Theater (Bedroom floor cube) (3), Czech-German fiction (THE Wall - 3rd tier) (3), Self explanatory (Living room cubecase) (3), U.S. literature (THE Wall - 6th tier) (3), identity (3), U.S. fiction about Central America (Bedroom floor cube) (3), Essays (3), English literature (Pie safe) (3), U.S. fiction - (THE Wall - 1st tier) (3), Biography (Den wallshelves) (3), Art (Teacart) (3), South African fiction (THE Wall - 6th tier) (3), murder (3), U.S. fiction (THE Wall - 6th tier) (3), U.S. History (Bedroom - chest top) (3), U.K.fiction (Teacart cube) (3), English literature (THE Wall - 5th tier) (3), U.S. fiction (Bedroom floor cube) (2), Irish literature (THE Wall - 4th tier) (2), U.S. Fiction (Den piesafe) (2), Subtitled (2), Art and commentary (Living room - couch bookcase) (2), U.S.fiction (THE Wall - 5th tier) (2), Hungarian fiction by Nobel Prize winner (Living room cubecase) (2), Self explanatory (THE Wall - 3rd tier) (2), Art and commentary (THE Wall - 4th tier) (2), English fiction (THE Wall - 5th tier) (2), U.S. history and fiction - 7 nonfiction and 20 stories (Bedroom -west chest top) (2), according to critics (2), U.S. fiction (Den - food bookcase) (2), African (Somalia) fiction (THE Wall - 1st tier) (2), The definitive and most complete history of The Holocaust (Living room - Etagere) (2), Self explanatory (THE Wall - 4th tier) (2), Short stories (THE Wall - 6th tier) (2), religion (2), Self explanatory (THE Wall - 1st tier) (2), English literature (THE Wall - 4th tier) (2), American Art (THE Wall - 1st tier) (2), Self explanatory (THE Wall - 5th tier) (2), Self explanatory (Living room coffee table) (2), French literature (THE Wall - 4th tier) (2), Self explanatory (Den food bookcase) (2), French fiction (Autobiographical) (2), Journalism & political history (Pie safe) (2), European fiction - Short stories (Pie safe) (2), U.S. History (Living room - New bookcase) (2), Autobiography (THE Wall - 5th tier) (2), love (2), French fiction (THE Wall - 4th tier) (2), Self explanatory (Pie safe) (2), U.S. History (2), poet (2), sketches (2), Verbatim Report (Pie safe) (2), Nazi History (Den bookshelves) (2), cartoons (2), Autobiography (Pie safe) (2), English fiction (Pie safe ) (2), U.K. fiction (Teacart cube) (2), U.S. literature (Pie safe) (2), Exotic East (Den wallshelves) (2), musings (2), etc. (2), Horror (Den bookcase) (2), Pulitzer Prize (2), History - Holocaust denial (THE Wall - 3rd tier) (2), sex (2), essays (2), U.S. fiction (THE Wall - 1st tier) (2), English Literature (THE Wall - 4th tier) (2), Legal History & Political Science (Den wallshelves) (2), U.S. Fiction (THE Wall - 2nd tier) (2), Biography (THE Wall - 1st tier) (2), A Diary of the Nazi Years (THE Wall - 1st tier) (2), Jewish Fiction - continuing a family's history (Den wallshelves) (2), Portuguese fiction (Nobel Prize author) (Living room cubecase) (2), U.S. literature (THE Wall - 2nd tier) (2), English & U.S. Theater (Den wallshelves) (2), Self Explanatory (Den wallshelves) (2), U.K. - Rhodesian Fiction (Den wallshelves) (2), U.S. Fiction (THE Wall - 3rd tier) (2), German Fiction (Den wallshelves) (2), Canadian Fiction (Den bookcase) (2), Self Explanatory (Living room cabinet top) (2), Cartoons (Living room cabinet top) (2), Fiction - South American (Living room wallshelves) (2), French - Italo literature (Den Mission bookcase) (2), apathy (THE Wall-6th tier) (1), the book predicts what can (and probably has) happen to American life in the succeeding decades i.e. ambition (1), U.S. fiction - Set inthe 80's St. Louis (1), along side the evolution of a family during the same period (Den-food bookcase) (1), pre Civil War to post 9/11 (1), politics money (1), U. S (1), U.S. fiction - A satire dealing with office life and relationships (THE Wall - 4th tier) (1), U.S. literature-fiction -Satire (1), set on a river boat (1), exposing the false optimism of American idols and idealists (1), mainly Emerson (1), Thoreau and Barnum. (Den bookcase) (1), U.S. fictional and non-fictional depictions of Los Angeles and Hollywood (Den wall shelves) (1), U.S. - Jewish Fiction (Den wall shelves) (1), U.S. fiction - Historicall novel covering the development of Texas (1), both legal and illegal. (Living room coffee table) (1), Philippine -American history told thru fictional story of four generations of one family (Living room readers case) (1), U.S. history describing FDR's fight with the isolationists of the time. A N.Y. Times best book of 2013. (It's not our fight.) (Living room chest top) (1), U.S. fiction. Young Chicago author writes a Shaherazade type novel about a young man's attempts to help a young woman regain her memory after an auto accident. Very surreal style. (THE Wall-1st tier) (1), U.S. fiction by a former Pulitzer winner - Love and relationships at graduate school (college) level and is it like real life? (Living room-readers stand) (1), U.S. biographical fiction - three generations of a Greek immigrant family (Living room-readers stand) (1), written as fiction (1), U.S. fiction - A personal memoir (1), of Rusdie's life as lived under a Muslin Fatwa. (THE Wall-4th tier) (1), U.K. history - WW II diary of occupied Naples by a British intelligence officer rercording the lives and activities of people (1), U.S. history - An account of what may have been our history's most important friendship (THE Wall-4th tier) (1), upper class Italy and its links to crime (1), U.S.-Irish fiction - The effect of events that cover two continents and three centuries on the characters of the book. (Den mission book case) (1), Essays coveringthe "contemporary big picture" by a National Book Award winner and one of the U.S.'s most important young novelists. (THE Wall-6th tier) (1), U.S. history focusing on the summer of 1776 and the messiness in creating a new nation (THE Wall - 3rd tier) (1), U.S. history - The war in North Africa (1), 1942-1943 - - - Pulitzer Prize winner -Vol.1 of The Liberation Trilogy(THE Wall-1st tier) (1), French fiction as Translated ( Later translations) (Living room square table) (1), U.S.fiction-N.Y. Times pick as one of 10 best books of 2013 - The art world of the 70's (1), of what it was like to live thru the Bush-Cheney years and what it means to be an American. (Living room - new book case) (1), and social unrest generally. (Living room etagere) (1), the brain and mind (1), Biography updated to include facts surrounding the discovery of Richard's final resting place and supporting his reputation of being " England's black legend ". (Living room - couch book case) (1), U.S. fiction - ". . . cross Carry On (1), Jeeves with Portnoy (1), s Complaint . . . " (Living room - couch book case) (1), U.S. fiction - By telling the story of his life (1), Andrew is really causing us to question what we (mankind?) really knows about truth (1), fate and ourselves. (Living room - new book case) (1), Algren) (1), WW II history - How an Allied espionage scheme (1), involving a dead man (1), misled the Nazis about where the invasion of southern Europe would take place. (THE Wall - 5th tier) (1), U.S. fiction - In verse (1), Rakoff writes of freedom that can be intoxicating or brutal with characters who are linked together by acts of generosity or cruelty. (Living room - couch book case) (1), U.K. fiction - Author'sheretofore unpublished first novel when he was trying to move from short stories to novels when he was trying to establish himself as a writeer and physician. Actually (1), this book merely permitted the author to set out his ideas about literature (1), short stories about growing up and living in Pilsen on the south west side. (Living room-couch book case) (1), U.S. fiction - In the tradition of Chicago neighborhood writers (Farrell (1), both human and animal. (Den - mission book case) (1), U. S. fiction - An illegal Albanian immigrant thinks she finds the American Dream until her Albanian "brothers" and try to require familial favors that are a large threat - the action is post 9/11 and is a serious consideration of immigration (1), U.S. fiction- Faulknerian style novel exploring the rise of a religious cult in a small coal-mining town and the results of an end of the world prediction. (Den - computer book case) (1), this is a cultural history of the city from the end of WW II to about 1960 (1), One of NY Times 100 notable books of 2013. (THE Wall - 1st tier) (1), translated to English - In 1940 Berlin (1), anordinary citizen tries to steer clear of the ruling Nazis until his only son is killed and he becomes an active member of the underground.THE Wall - 6th tier) (1), WW I history subtitled "The Road To 1914" One of NY Times 100 Notable Books of 2013.How the decisions of a few powerful people changed the course of history. (Living room - readers stand) (1), U.S.fiction - 84 stories written from1976 to 2008 (THE Wall - 6th tier) (1), " (Living room - couch book case) (1), S. cultural history - - Sub-title says more "A History of Loafers (1), Loungers (1), and Bums in America." - "... as much about the nature of work as it is about trying to avoid it." (Den - mission book case) (1), history - Sub-titled "Aaron Burr's Challenge to Jefferson's America." (THE Wall - 4th tier) (1), WW II history - How Jewish prisoner-scientists in Buchenwald created a vaccine for typhus which they gave to prisoners and another fake one for the German troops at the eastern front (THE Wall - 2nd tier) (1), U.K. fiction - a merciless parody of English rural melodrama - ". (1), one of the best loved comic novels of all time (1), U.K. fiction - Universal truths about the effect of strangers who arrive in a country town after harvest but are a bit different and stranger (?). (THE Wall-3rd tier) (1), U.S. fiction/short stories - Real characters in real-life situations doing real things (Den-food book case) (1), How Christianity rose from the religeous and civil tumults of its earliest days (Living room etagere) (1), Letting Go (Teacart cube) (1), Berlin living since 1897 (1), 2009 Nobelist writes about life and the constant hunger in the Gulag (THE Wall-2nd tier) (1), U.S. fiction - Escaping a romantic problem (1), a 17 year old goes to war in Korea and discovers real hell and how to grow up. (Den - mission bookcase) (1), U.S. fiction -Vol. 1 of trilogy deals with the transformation of a "loner" real estate developer to a militant ecologist. (Living room etegere) (1), Roth's first published stuff - Goodbye Columbus & Five Short Stories (1), The Hinge Factor(Uncertainty (1), Science for the non-scientists - History and readable explaination of genetics and your DNA and why it is important (Living room coffee table) (1), unexpected) andi its altering of historic events (Living room - New bookcase) (1), Biography of the named Egyptian queen - Pulitzer Prize winner (Bedroom - Phoenix book rack) (1), the Notorious and the Three SOBs (Living room etagere) (1), Sub-title: How OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES Changed His Mind - and Changed the History of Free Speech in America (THE Wall-5th tier) (1), U.S. fiction - ". . . Gatsbyesque portrayal of celebrity . . ." (Den - mission bookcase) (1), U.S. fiction - Vol. 3 of triligy capturing the characters battles with "evolution and extinction (1), Romanian - born (1), story of coming of age in South London (Teacart cube) (1), children and parenthood." (Living room etagere) (1), John Berryman (1), French Literature - Fiction - Boxed edition (THE Wall -3rd tier) (1), Slackers (1), German fiction (1), power (1), based on fact (1), Our Gang (1), improbability (1), or at least semi (1), displacement (1), corruption (1), personality (1), Encounters with the Noted (1), 49 essays that constitute a "prequel" to Culyural Amnesia (Living room etagere) (1), U.S. fiction - Vol. 3 of the Piccards (Rio Seco) trilogy Death of the matrarch - heroine and the repercussions (Den food bookcase) (1), U.K. - Probably autobiographical (1), loss and revolation (1), U.S. fiction -Vol. 2 of trilogy showing insight to characters devotion to paranthood and (1), "A Pilosophical Conundrum" dealing with our notions of right and wrong simply and with humor (Den - Wall shelves) (1), Biography (Living room - Cabinet top) (1), Almost Complete Works (Bedroom -west chest top) (1), English Fiction (Bedroom -west chest top) (1), U.S. fiction - Final and uncompleted novel by the author - Even so it was a N.Y. Times best book for 2011 (Bedroom -west chest top) (1), U.S.fiction - mind altering comedy about the puruit of happiness in America (bedroom-west chest top) (1), U.S. Fiction - Short Stories (Bedroom -west chest top) (1), "Essays and Arguments" (Bedroom-west chest top)) (1), Yiddish curses and slang (Living room wallshelves) (1), Illustrated abridged version (Bedroom -west chest top) (1), Portnoy's Complaint (1), u.s. Fiction - Library of America edition includes When She Was Good (1), The Breast (Teacart cube) (1), The factual history of the ends necessary for the Allies to go to in order to recover and return the art work and other treasures stolen by the Nazis. (Living room-readers stand) (1), A scary retelling of Fairy tales using mystery and ambiguity in a progressive Russian style - translated (Den-food bookcase) (1), U.S. fiction - Two people accidentally begin reading the same book and start communicating thru margin notes and loose cards. (THE Wall-6th tier) (1), U.S.history - The sub title describes contents - Pulitzer Prize winner (THE Wall-4th tier) (1), Self Explanatory (Bedroom -west chest top) (1), U.S. post Revolutionary War history-(THE Wall -4th tier) (1), French fiction (translated0 - "depiction of a doomed love affair" (Living room square table) (1), Profiles spotlighting the lives (1), U.S. fiction -Three early novels - Family Life(author's first) (1), Hamilton Stark (1), The Relation of My Imprisonment (THE Wall-3rd tier) (1), Biography/History - "... deals with war (1), espionage and psychoanalysis. Itexplains Trotsky's assassination (1), the groth of Freud's teachings the importance of the fur trade the uses of money and the lure of the past."(Living room wallshelves) (1), work and careers of public figures (1), U.S. fiction - Historical fiction about mob power and alleged abetting of a mob murder (Living room wall shelves) (1), writers and performers involved in all areas of living (Living room wallshelves) (1), U.S. history - The problems and conflicts (1), often violent (1), connected with settling North America. Author a Pulitzer Prize winner. (Bedroom - chest top) (1), U.S. fiction/short stories - 07 Times notable book of the year (Den - Food book case)) (1), U.S. fiction - Corruption (1), fraud and swindling in New York in a fictitious time between the collapse of the dotcom boom and 9/11. (Living room wall shelves)i (1), memory (1)
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