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I mainly read mystery and true crime stories but I will read just about anything. I am not a huge history fan so getting me to read about history is probably my weakness...unless it is WWII history.

I just fount LT and so far I love it. This will give me an opportunity to organize all my books. My husband is finishing our basement and then I will have my library. I currently have 12 totes of books on the main floor of my house and 28 more totes of books in my basement (don't worry the basement has its own HVAC system so the books are safe). I cannot remember what books I have and what books I need to read so I hope this website will help keep me a little more organized.

I obviously collect books. I have a few ARC (signed) and many other signed books. My husband doesn't really understand my passion for books and why I am adamant about how they are treated. But he is super supportive and lets me continue to buy books even when I have totes of them all around our house. I look forward to being able to catalog my books and get myself ready for my library downstairs!
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I am a Christian woman.

I am married to a man I met on a blind date in March 2002. We were married March 6, 2004.

I have a disease called SLE Lupus that has attacked my skin, joints, brain/central nervous system, heart, kidneys (in that order over the years). I was diagnosed in 1996 (I was 15 yrs old) and the disease has almost taken my life twice. I have survived for over 14 years...that is 14 years longer than the doctors predicted. I am so grateful that I re-learned to read after the brain damage in 1996.

Reading and cross stitch are the two things I love to do most. I enjoy long motorcycle rides with my husband. I am a homemaker but I am not a domestic woman. I do not like housework and I am a hoarder...but I am working on both of these issues.

I strive to live my life to the fullest and I hope that somewhere along the way I can inspire others to do the same. I try to live life with a positive attitude and not stress over the little things.

Jeremiah 29:11-13
Atlanta, GA
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