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Denton Taylor
About My Library
I'm a definite collector and lover of books; as such I hate paperbacks! I try and take care of my books and therefore cover the dust wrappers with library jackets and store them properly. I also attend as many readings and signings as possible.

I tend to be something of a 'completist', in that if I find an author I like I try and acquire everything by that author. I also compulsively buy all of the Library of America.
About Me
I read and collect widely but one could say 'modern literary fiction' would be what I read most. I emphasize African American, Latin American, and South Asian lit. I also dabble in Holocaust studies. I enjoy memoirs, particularly what I describe as the 'literary female memoir'.

I buy books faster than I can read them, so I never lack for something to read.

I also am a dedicated amateur photographer.
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