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Derek Rishmawy
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I grew up in the library reading fiction of all sorts. Because of that I don't own much, so the fiction I own is probably about 1% of what I've actually read.

After my undergrad in philosophy I switched to non-fiction for the most part. I started buying and owning books, but even then I didn't start amassing my library.

It wasn't until I started studying theology and biblical studies that I began keeping my books. Because of that my library mostly consists in systematic theology, biblical studies, philosophy, and some general "christian stuff." In these areas I have particular interests in Trinitarian and atonement theology.

Feel free to browse.

Soli Deo Gloria
About Me
I love books. I think that's kind of the obvious point. Nobody takes the time to nerdily catalogue their library online if they don't love books.

Beyond that, I'm 26 and recently married to a beautiful lady named McKenna. I work with College students and Young Adults at a Presbyterian Church in Orange County (that actually has a sizable library itself.) I have an undergrad degree in philosophy and an MA in Biblical Studies. I spend most of my reading time on theology, biblical studies, and philosophy. One day I hope to have a respectable library of my own. For now, this is it.
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