First Grade (316), Writing (49), Level L (38), Level K (38), Organization (37), Level J (36), Voice (35), Sentence Fluency (29), Word Choice (26), Conventions (25), Ideas (20), Level M (14), Level G (13), Level H (12), Expanding Vocabulary (12), Professional Books (11), Professional Reading (11), Level F (10), Check for understanding (7), Wonder (7), Penguins (6), Little Critter (6), f (5), voice (5), Check for Understanding (5), Behavior (5), Inspiring Ideas (5), TTT (4), TTS (4), Word choice (4), conventions (4), Cross Check (4), The Repeating Line (4), Beginning of the Year (4), First Grade; Level J (3), Where readers read (3), word choice (3), Descriptive Words (3), Match Words with the Picture (3), ideas (3), organization (3), Chapter book (3), Writers can Label (3), Poetry (2), Noise levels that are good for all readers (2), Kind reminders for noisy or distracting behavior (2), Eric Carle (2), Good Readers read everything in sight (2), Inspires Writing (2), sentence fluency (2), Writing a strong lead. First Grade (2), Writing; Level J (2), penguins (2), Professional (2), Writers use a capital letter to start each sentence (2), Cause and Effect (2), Writing Through a Mask (2), Writers give details when they stretch their writing; Writers paint a picture in the readers mind; chunk letters and sounds together; draw write and talk about what I read; infer and support with evidence; new vocabulary; use the picture to match words; (1), Chunk Words; Writers savor the moment (1), Writers stretch out small moments in time; Level J (1), Writing; Small moments can stretch across many pages (1), Hitting the Target (Learning Targets) (1), TTT with The School Play by Rosemary Wells (1), TTT with The Class Play by Robert Newell (1), TTT with We're Going on a Lion Hunt by David Axtell (1), TTT with Oh Look! by Patricia Polacco (1), TTT with Some Things Go Together by Charlotte Zolotow (1), BME; Visualizing (1), Writers stretch out words (1), Writers paint a picture in the readers mind (1), Writers stretch out small moments (1), Writers use resources to help them write (1), Writers end a sentence with a punctuation mark (1), Writers stretch out words; listen for ending sounds (1), Writers Zoom in on a moment (1), Writing a strong lead. Check for Understanding (1), Check for understanding; Voice (1), Piggy & Elephant (1), Use interesting words and new vocabulary in my speaking and writing; Word Choice (1), Ideas; level K (1), Level L; Sentence Fluency; (1), Voice; Sequencing (1), Little Critter; Level J (1), Strong readers read the pictures (1), TTT; TTS (1), Strong readers read every day (1), RACE: 3 ways to read a book; Writing: sequencing (1), Chunking (1), Good Fit Book (1), TTT with Together by George Ella Lyon (1), Level K; Check for Understanding (1), Small moments can stretch across many pages; Using illustrations to convey information; Read Aloud- Check for Understanding (1), Vocabulary; Good book for teaching stamina (1), Cross Check; Sequence of Events; Schema (1), Repeating a line (1), Check for understanding; (1), Level J; Check for Understanding (1), Level L; Check for Understanding (1), Level M; organzation (1), Word choice; Check for Understanding (1), Check for understanding; Voice; Word Choice; Sentence Fluency (1), Conventions; HF Words; space between words (1), Writers stretch out small moments in time; Use illustrations to convey information (1), Mental Image (1), Growing Pattern (1), Inspire Writing (1), Writing Lists (1), Constitution Day (1), Describing Words (1), Developing an Idea (1), match words with the picture (1), How to Pace a story (1), How to Pace a Story (1), Use your voice when you write (1), Using a comparison to paint a picture with words (1), Compound Words (1), Predictions (1), Sept 11 (1), contractions (1), Curious George (1), level K (1), punctuation (1), Math (1), Vocabulary (1), Fluency (1), Letter Writing (1), Seuss (1), Letter writing (1), Writing a strong ending (1), Using Details to Describe the Setting (1), Choosing Just Right Books (1), Strong readers take care of books and protect their reading time (1), Readers choose books carefully (1), Readers don’t interrupt reading conferences (1), Learners stay focused (1), WHY? do readers do these things? (1), Strong Readers read every day (1), Reading punctuation (1), Blend Sounds; Check it with your finger (1), Surprise endings; Use for 3 ways to Read a Book; Strong readers read the pictures (1), What readers do (1), Move smoothly and quickly (1), Be considerate of other readers (1), Interesting Words (1), Repeating a Word (1), Physical Description of a Character (1), Using Details to describe the setting (1), Chunk Words (1), Poem; Level J (1), Readers know what’s in the classroom library and how to take care of it (1), Establishing workshop and classroom procedures (1), Good Readers read everything in (awesome book for teaching Voracious reading) (1), Describing the setting; Level J (1), Sentence Fluency; Level J; Contractions (1)
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