Water Damaged (9), No Dust Jacket (7), Might Want to Read (6), However (6), Yellowed Pages (5), Keeping to Read (5), Keeping to Read Anyway (4), Keeping to Read Anywhoo (4), Water Damaged Pages (4), Already Read (4), Currently Reading (4), Have 2 Copies of This Book (4), Highlighting or Underlining (4), Very Worn (3), Donate to LFL (3), Too Damaged to List on Amazon (3), Pages Yellowed (3), Donating to LFL (3), Previous Library Binding (3), 4.3 mil sr (2), My Copy is an Uncorrected Proof-Unable to List or Sell-In My Library Until I Read (2), Consider Lot on eBay or Donate to LFL (2), 7 mil sr (2), Very Very Worn (2), With No Writing (2), Notes Need Removed (2), This Copy is Listed on Amazon (2), Quite Worn (2), NO ISBN (2), Listed on PBSWAP (2), 2nd Copy (2), Left Behind (2), 10 mil sr (2), Unmarked Pages (2), 2 Copies Listed on Amazon (2), Some Water Damage (2), PBSWAP or LFL Donation (1), Apparently Another Version of THis Book in My Inventory-Find it and Determine Which Copy You Want to Read and Which Copy You Want to Pass On Through Amazon Sale (1), Water Damaged in Front and Back Pages of Book (1), With This Book (1), Must Do Search Via Title as For Some Reason (1), ISBN Not Found on Amazon or on LibraryThing (1), Already Read This Book But Think I Should Re-Read as Its Been Several Years Since I've Read and I Have Changed So Much! Since Then (1), Some Type of Water Damage or Something That Made Pages Crinkly-Doesn't Real Seem Like Water Damage-Keeping to Read (1), Will Not Be Listing This Copy on Amazon-Keeping to Read Anyway (1), Very Darkened/Yellowed Pages (1), Listed on Amazon for 21.95 in "Good" Condition-4.3 mil SR (1), Have 2 Copies of This Title One Keeping to Read Other is Listed on Amazon (1), Removed from PBSWAP on 4/18/16 and Donating to LFL-Red Underlining Throughout (1), If I Have a Second Copy Available of This Book (1), Unsure of Whether it is Mold or Just Black Paint Color as It Looks...Better Safe'n Than Sorry'n (4-19-16) (1), 5.6 mil sr (1), Updated 4/23/16 by Listing on Amazon for 5.69 But Still Want to Read! (1), Obtained on PBSWAP (1), 2002 Paperback Edition with Different Cover (1), Pages are Extremely Darkened (1), Hopefully (1), Keeping to Read So I Can Learn HTML (1), Broke Down Center of Book (1), Water Damaged Along Top of Book Pages (1), This is Paperback Copy Although ISBN Comes up As Hardcover (1), Definitely Not Saleable on Amazon (1), Discard (Donate) This One and Keep the Other-This One Has Some Black Stuff at Top of Book as Well as Some Wrinkling of the Cover (1), the 2nd Copy Has Pencil Marking on Three Pages and a3333333333333333333333333333333332 (1), Already Read BUt Going to Read Once Again Because My Perspective (and Thoughts) Have Likely Changed Since I Read it Several Years Ago (1), Pretty Worn But Still Listable (1), Several Pages with Light Water Damage and One Page with Orange Spot Other Than That (1), Remaining Pages are Unmarked with No Other Writing (1), A Corner of Two Pages Have Been Torn Off (1), First 20 Pages are Lightly Water Damaged and One Page Has Some Underlining Otherwise Clean (1), Pages are Yellowed and Somewhat Worn Which is Why I Am Only Listing on PBSWAP (1), 23 of the Pages Have Highlighting (1), 1 Page Has Writing (1), Going to Read But HC Copy (1), Selling This PB Copy (1), Own This in Kindle Free Library (1), Own 2 Copies of This Title (1), One Copy on Shelf (1), Advance Readers Copy-Unable to Sell on Site-May Want to Read-If Not Give to PBSWAPPER But Let Them Know it is an ARC (1), Will Be Reading This Title But in My Hardcover Copy That I Have Somewheres (1), 16.3 mil sr (1), Curl to Pages But Doesn't Appear or Feel Water Damaged (1), Broken Down Center of Book (1), Want to Read so Will Keep to Read (1), Have at Least 2 Copies of This Title (1), One for Sure-One Copy I Am Keeping to Read and is in My Library (1), Might Have Already Read (1), Some Spotting From Something on Cover and Very Dark Yellowed Pages-Not Suitable for Sale on Amazon-Keeping to Read (1), Possibly Send to Girls (1), Donated this Book to LFL and Accidentally Took it Home Again_This TIme I Am Listing it on Amazon Despite the 52 Pages with Heavy Writing and Underlining (1), Unable to List on Amazon Because of Writing on Pages-75% of Pages Have Writing (1), Previous Library Binding-Says Paperback But My Copy is Hardcover-Keeping to Read Anyway (1), 10.1 mil sr (1), 5.7 mil sr (1), Writing Throughout-Unable to Sell On Amazon (1), Uncorrected Advance Copy-Not for Resale (1), Tear on Front Cover (1), Might Have an Additional Copy of This Book But that is Broken Down Center-Who Knows-Anyways I Listed it on Amazon Cuz its Worth $4.50 (1), Doubt it (1), If it Is (1), Cut Those Part of Pages then Describe it As Such (1), 2.5 mil sr (1), Damaged-Has a Coffee Stain or Some Sort of Brown Liquid Spilled Down Side (1), ISBN Comes Up Hardcover (1), My Copy is a Paperback (1), A Few Beginning Pages Have Highlighting (1), Remaining Pages Unmarked (1), ISBN Comes Up Hardcover On Correct Book (1), But This is the Book Who's Cover I Own So I Am Saving This One As Well-Important Note is That There is Only 1 Copy of This Book Despite the Fact that I Have Two Saved in DIfferent Versions (1), This was a Free Professional Copy and is Stated as Such on Front Cover (1), 9.9 mil s.r. Damaged (1), Donating to LFL or Seeing if Want to Read (1), 10.3 mil sr (1), and Also Berry Stain on One Pages and Side of Several Pages-Just Going to Give to PBSWAP Wisher Instead of Listing for the $3.90 I Could Have on Amazon (1), 2003 Paperback Edition (1), Title is not "The Mechanics of" it is as Titled Above (Changed) (1), 2 mil sr (7/2/16) (1), A Few Pages With Blood or Chocolate on Them Otherwise Excellent Copy (1), No Current Offers (1), No Copies Available (1), Read and Get Listed (1), Small Layer of Cover Was Torn On Bottom of Front Cover Near Spine Otherwise Pretty Good Shape for Prev Lib Binding (1), Has Some Light Water Damage on Sides of Last Pages (1), Keeping to Read or Donate to LFL (1), Two Cover Tears-One Larger One on Bottom Front Cover and the Other on Back Top of Jacket Half on Spine-Writing Inside Front Cover and First Inside Page (1), Tear on Top of Front Cover Near Spine That Has Been Taped-Bottom Corner of Cover Near Spine is Torn and Book Has Wear Around Cover Edges as Well as a Small Crease on Bottom Right Corner Edge-Inside Pages in Very Good Shape (1), Only Worth 2.10 Because There are About 10 Copies Above 97% at Price (1), So Considering Damaged (1), Make Sure its Not Mold Before Selling (1), 1 mil sr (1), Created on 5/30/15; As of 4/28/16 I created another library thing entry with the right cover (1), Part of Cover Torn Off (1), but possibly not the matching isbn number so I am keeping this one here. Anywhoo I listed this book on amazon on 4/28/16 and Quit Reading it as well as removed the notes without typing them up (1), Have 2 Copies of This Book; Actually Titled Breaking the Grip of Dangerous Emotions; One Copy Currently Reading (1), the Other Copy is Listed on Amazon (1), 5.1 mil sr (1), Already Own One or Maybe 2 Copies of This Book (1), One is in Storage-Don't Even Think I Really Enjoyed This Book Much-This Copy is Being Posted on PBSWAP (1), Updated 4/29/16 by Listing on Amazon (1), /Decided Against Reading and Decided to Sell (1), Listed on Amazon 4/29/16 (1), Decided to List on Amazon Despite 77 out of 393 Pages of Highlighting (1), Underlining or Other Markings (1), Also Decided to List on PBSWAP as Well (1), 7 Pages with Highlighting (1), Water Damaged in Front of Book Pages and Creases on Cover (1), Torn Up Back Side of Spine-Very Very Very Worn-Inside Pages are Yellowed But Unmarked With No Writing (1), 16.3 mil sr. Probably Won't Sell Because its So Outdated But if Its Worth This Much Then How Much More Would Those Items Be Worth Now? At Least You Get an Idea of What You're Looking For! Plus it Has a Break Down Center or I Would have Listed it Anyway (1), Have this Book in Hardcover (1), Would Prefer to Read it in PB (1), maybe? Or no? (1), 15 Pages Have Markings: 1 Page with Underlining Other 14 Have One or Two Small Dashes Next to a Passage or a Dot on the Page-Does Not Affect Reading (1), Too Worn to List on Amazon-Don't Really Like Type Set But Kind of Want to Read Anywhoo (1), Underlining in Book on Several Pages (1), Have Another Edition of This Book I Am Currently Reading But Since This Copy is Water Damaged (1), I Will Keep it to Read Instead (1), Several Creases and Wear to Edges (1), Plastic is Curling off of Book and Wear to Edges (1), Be the First to Review This Book on Amazon (1), Would Be a Pleasure!! Note: Not on Goodreads (1), Previous Library Binding Otherwise VG Copy (1), One Page Has a Crinkle/Water Damage and a Stain Other Pages are Clean and Unmarked Although Pages are Yellowed (1), One Page with Pen Marking on It (1), MY FAVORITE BOOK (1), Want to Read But Have Listed on Amazon for 4.40 (1), Very Worn Around Edges With Dirty Cover-Previous Library Binding I Am Keeping Until I Read (1), Book 8-In My Library until I Read (1), Very Yellowed and Somewhat Dirty-Will List on PBSWAP Though (1), Doesn't Include Entire Items-Missing Crystals That Are Part of and a Requirement to Use Book (1), Advance Readers Copy-Unable to Sell on Site-May Want to Read-If Not (1), Donating to LFL Because its Full of Pencil Writing and Underlining (1), Broken-Pages are About to Completely Fall Apart-Keeping to Read-Will Need Taped Immediately (1), Reading Now-Will List on PBSWAP When Finished (1), 2nd Copy of This Book I Have Listed on Amazon-This Copy Was Obtained at Library Sale in Oct (1), Second Copy-This Copy Library Binding and Was Obtained at Library Sale in Oct 2015 (1), Listed on Amazon But Must Read This Book! (1), None Available (1), Listed for $97.49 (1), 10.4 mil sr (1), Worth $8 Bucks But Slight Curve So On Side Shelf Trying to Flatten-Also Want to Read This Book before Selling!!! (1), Some Wear to Corner Edges (1), Pretty Yellowed and Has a Curl to It-Going to Read and Then List on PBSWAP (1), Reading Before I List on Amazon (1), Unable to List on Amazon-Pages Falling out in Front (1), Will Have to Tape=Want to Read and Then Once Taped will List on PBSWAP (1), NO ISBN Number-Located by Physical Search (1), keeping for daycare (1), A Bit Dirty and Yellowed (1), Also Previous Library Binding So Going to Just List on PBSWAP Instead (1), 11.4 mil sr-The weirdest thing just happened with this book! I picked up a book I just completed called Strangers by Anita Brookner and was giving a review saying how the book was flat and boring and how I would like to find another book of Anita's to rea (1), the book I just said something about finding another of the author's books?! Sure enough directly below that book itself stood this book (1), another book about a woman living alone but in a different way. I have to read it. It's required. Otherwise it never would have sat below this one like that. I love the Law of Attraction. It really works JUST LIKE THIS! Woo-Hoo! (1), Has Approx 100 Pages with Pen or Pencil Writing/Underlining and Some Inappropriate (Dick) Drawings-Really Don't Want to List Anywhere (1), Would Like Girls to Read This One But is Water Damaged in Back So Donating to LFL (1), Reading Firs tand Then Sending to Girls-Also Want to Get Other 3 Teen Girl Guides: Boys (1), Social Survival-Watch Well! 2 Boys Available Now on PBSWAP (1), Consider Business Lot on eBay or Donate to LFL (1), Do Want to Read In Case I Decide on Garden and/or Free Store-Did List on Amazon too (1), Highlighting or Underlining-Cover is Different (Green) (1), Read Quickly or Decide to Keep Worth 4.00 (1), One Year Later (1), 2015 (1), Oldest (1), Ah (1), Book #12 (1), Must Read! (1), crease on cover (1), Embarassing Moments (1), 2 Copies Available (1), as well. (1), Like New Condition (1), Dust Jacket Shows Heavy Wear and Creasing Around Edges-Read Fast and Then Consider Whether to Lot it or AMZ it (1), 10.9 mil sr (1), 5.5 mil sr (1), 43 Wishers (1), Will List on Amazon Once Again (1), Worth $9.88-Currently Reading-Also Have Listed on Amazon-Any Books by Bob Burg Be Sure to Pick Up-They Will Be Worth Profit of At Least 5 Bucks!! :) (1), Lots of Wear (1), Creasing and Water Damage on One Page (1), Food Stuffs on Many Pages and Pages are Yellowed-Going to Skip Listing on Amazon (1), Want to Read One (1), the Other Will Be Listed (1), Mine is a Paperback Edition (1), Same ISBN (1), Creased Cover on Both Edges (1), Wear on One Edge and Folded Over Pages From Bottom Edge Crease-Want to Read Before I Give to Wisher (1), Only Worth $1.95-Would Receive Like a 30-70 Cent Profit or Something Like That So I Am Reading (1), Haven't Yet Listed on PBSWAP (11-8-15) But Will Be Listed There in a Few Days and Removed Within 24 Hrs as There are 15 Wishers on Wish List (1), and I don't happen to need this book after has nothing that could help me...everything is good here! Yay! (1), Has a Bit of Water Damage So Will Offer to Current Wisher-If Not Interested (1), Yellowed Pages But No Writing (1), Listing 2 Copies of This Book-1 Copy Has a Large Crease on Cover (1), 20 5 Star Ratings (1), Own Two Copies of This Book (1), I Obtained a Second Copy of This Book and Decided I Was Going to Read One of the Copies-I Also Edited the Listing Listed by Adding a Couple Pages that Were Highlighted and Added a Note About a Few Freckled Rust Pages-Other than Lowering Price Down to 2.96 (1), I Own this Book on PBSWAP (1), eBook Kindle Version (1), Listed as (1), Have 2 Copies of This Book But they Are Listed Separately Both on Amazon and in Excel Docu Because This Last Copy Has a Tear up Spine Side (1), Has Some Water Damage Toward Back Pages (1), Also Has 7.7 mil sr (1), Will Keep in Personal Library to Read and Try Re-Checking Pricing Later (1), Previous Library Binding Has Very Worn Edges (1), a Crease on Corner of Cover Edge and Several Inside Pages With Folded Edges Because of Cover Curl and Wear-Listing on PBSWAP Instead of on Amazon (1), Pages are Yellowed (1), Tears up Front and Back Cover Edges Near Spine-Can't List on Amazon (1), Will Read Then List on PBSWAP (1), Several Pages Have Dirty Oily Stuff or Something on Them and Outside of Book Pages When Book Closed is Dirty Also-Keeping to Read> (1), Both Obtained at Library Sale in Oct 2015 and Both Previous Library Binding-One Copy I AM Keeping Until I Read and the Second Copy Has Been Listed on for Sale for 3.49 (1), Very Worn on Edges and Creased-Pages Bent and Tears off Top of Book Which Shows White (1), Terrible Condition-Ripped Up Side of Book (1), Very Dirty on Bottom Corner Edges Not Sure What Its From or What it is (1), So I Am Going to Pass on Listing it (1), Much Too Damaged and Too Low Sales Rank to Be Worth Waiting to Sell in This Condition and at only $3.49-Theres a tear inside first page (1), lots of wear around corners (1), yellowing around page edges and something that looks like dirt or something in background on cover (1), sr 11.2 mil (1), Sending to Kaitlyn when Finished Reading (1), 5 mil sr-Sending to Kaitlyn (1), 11.1 mil sr (1), Too Water Damaged in Front To List-Will Donate to LFL (1), Pretty Dirty (1), Worn and in Rough Condition-Previous Library Binding Read Many Many Times (1), Own Two Copies of This Book-One is New and the Other is a Prev Lib Binding-Reading One (1), Damaged Because Book Has One Large and Several Small Creases on Edge of Front Cover and Wear Around Edges-May Be Interested in Reading (1), Crease on Cover and Yellowed Pages (1), the Other Has Creases on Bottom of Cover Edge-Be Certain to Send the Right Copy Ordered (1), One in my library that I am currently reading and will keep until completed and the other one is listed on amazon-I believe only one of them are previous library bindings (1), Worth Money But Water Damaged and Would Have to Be Listed Under Different Edition Because when I Enter ISBN Number Through Amazon (1), it comes up that this particular edition will not be released until December of 2075-Okaaayyy..So hence the two issues above (1), it will be listed on PBSWAP Alone (1), 24/124 Pages Have Writing in Pen on Them-Listing on PBSWAP Only (1), Wear rot Edges and Many Creases on Cover and Around Cover Edges (1), 2nd Copy I Have Obtained of This Book-This Nicer Copy Was Obtained at the Library Sale in Oct 2015 (1), 12.4 mil s.r.-Worth Approx 10.00 (1), My Copy is Water Damaged-Keeping to Read (1), This is the second copy of this book that I own-I am Currently Reading the Other Copy (1), 2 Copies of this book available (1), one copy I am keeping to possibly read (1), seems to have a few interesting tidbits in it (1), we will seeee! (1), 2 Copies of This Book Available (1), the other is not (1), Book is Curved from Unknown Source (1), 20 out of 392 Pages Have Underlining or a Word or Two Squared or Circled Around (1), No Dust Jacket! Updated 12/18/15 by Listing on Amazon (1), list or donate to appropriate location-Keep HC edition to read (1), Don't I Have This Title in Paperback Also-Confirm this is true at some point-if so (1), This Copy Has Been Listed on Amazon and is a PB Edition (1), Own the Hardcover Copy (Previous Library Binding) and Am Currently Reading (1), Pages are Yellowed As Well (1), This Copy (1), but am not 100% Certain either-Important Note: The Library Binding that I Have Listed on Amazon Has Some Water Damage But the Other Book (1), I Am Currently Reading (1), One is in My Personal Library (1), Have 2 Copies of This Book Now (1), One is a Previous Library Binding-I Must Read This Book Before It Leaves My Possession So I Am Going to Start Reading Today (1), Have 2 Copies of This Book Now Listed on Amazon (1), I Believe is Undamaged (1), if Not (1)
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