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Jul 16, 2007
Sobre la meva biblioteca
This account, in addition to cataloguing the books that I own, keeps track of what I've read since January 1st, 2007. Sort by the "date read" column to see the list, or look at the "read in [year]" tags.

1st Gent.

How class your man?--as better than the most,
Or, seeming better, worse beneath that cloak?
As saint or knave, pilgrim or hypocrite?

2nd Gent.

Nay, tell me how you class your wealth of books,
The drifted relics of all time. As well
Sort them at once by size and livery:
Vellum, tall copies, and the common calf
Will hardly cover more diversity
Than all your labels cunningly devised
To class your unread authors.

--George Eliot, Middlemarch
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I read a lot.
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