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Mary Ellen McCormack
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I like everything as long as it's good, but my favorite thing in the world is biography. I'm a sucker for history too, I can't get enough! I also want recommendations, it's the best way to find those great books that I've missed.
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My love of reading has a lot to do with my Irish heritage, not because I was introduced to great Irish literature or anything of the kind. When I was a kid, my parents made me take Irish dancing class on Saturday mornings. The last thing in the universe a kid wants to do on the weekend is wake up early and be forced to listen and dance to that awful music. I think my parents left Ireland because the music is so bad! The teacher had a stack of comic books ("boy's" stuff from her sons) that I read in a corner trying to avoid participating. Then when I was nine, my father brought us to Ireland where I experienced absolute culture shock. Television was horrible(it only had RTE and that only came on two or three hours a day with pitiful programs) and we were on a farm. Thank God my cousins had a waist high stack of old Bunty comic books!! Now when I read those old Bunty books I can't believe how simple they were but they were my salvation and I wanted to be Bunty! Two years later, our sixth grade teacher made us read Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. That was the end of me, I have been an addict ever since.
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