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Feb 11, 2022
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from C.E. Montague:

  • houghs (pron. hucks) little curly-haired lapdog
  • colligible
  • guerdon
  • pavior
  • rhadamanthine
  • sorn (to sponge off someone, to presume hospitality)
  • weird (fate, destiny)
  • condign (deserved)

"Oh, be humble, my brother, on your prosperity! Be gentle with those who are less lucky, if not more deserving. Think what right have you to be scornful, whose virtue is a deficiency of temptation, whose success may be a chance, whose rank may be an ancestor's accident, whose prosperity is very likely a satire?" -- from Vanity Fair

"Never learn anything until you find you have been made uncomfortable for a good long while by not knowing it;" -- Samuel Butler

"I have often lain awake at night wondering what was the matter with Boston." -- John Jay Chapman

"Are not women the flowers which decorate sublunary life? It is really irritating to discover them to be pieces of machinery, that for want of proper oiling, creak, stick, threaten convulsions, and are tragic and stir us the wrong way. However, champagne does them good:..." -- George Meredith, Rhoda

"Reflect but a moment upon all the divers and numerous qualities which are of necessity existent in the creator of a fine novel before it can be produced; not only imagination but wit, not only wit but scholarship, not only scholarship but fancy, not only fancy but discrimination, observation, knowledge of the passions, sympathy with the most opposite temperaments, the amalgamating, condensing, and vivifying all these talents, the mastery of an exquisite subtlety, force, and eloquence in language.-- Ouida

" shall a man establish close contact with the mind of him who writes, and impregnate himself with his peculiar outlook to such an extent as to be able to take on, if only momentarily, a colouring different than his own? It is a task requiring submissiveness and leisure. And yet, what could be more interesting than really to observe things and men from the angle of another individual, to install oneself within his mentality and make it one's habitation?" "Were a man to know what his fellow truly thinks; could he feel in his own body those impulses which drive the other to his idiomatic acts and words -- what an insight he would gain!" -- Norman Douglas, Alone

"The reviewer, at the very least, should be expected to supply information. The retelling of the story of a novel, the summary of an historical or philosophical book, the selection of representative passages and the attempt to communicate the quality of a poet, is the most boring part of the reviewer's business, but it is an absolutely essential part. The reader should be given a chance to judge whether or not he would be interested in the book, irrespective of what the reviewer may think of it; and it is an indispensable discipline for the reviewer, or any critic, to give the gist of the book in his own words." -- Edmund Wilson

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Only slightly paraphrasing E.M. Forster, I read "...not so much to acquire knowledge as to dispel a little of the darkness by which we and all our acquisitions are surrounded."

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