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My name is Will. I'm 24 and I'm a linguistics student. I currently live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, which has been my home for six years but I am originally from Newfoundland.

I'm a voracious reader and I have very eclectic tastes (and not just in books).

My favourite authors include, but are not limited to (and in no particular order): Margaret Atwood, Salman Rushdie, Neil Gaiman, Amy Tan, Terry Pratchett, Jerzy Kosinski, J.K. Rowling, Haruki Murakami, Dan Simmons, Frank Herbert, Kazuo Ishiguro, Neal Stephenson, Kim Stanley Robinson, Jasper Fforde and Jacqueline Carey.

I like "general fiction" (whatever that means; is that an actual genre?). I've discovered that Booker Prize-winning books never fail to disappoint. Beyond that, I have a solid appreciation for good sci-fi, fantasy and (increasingly) magical realism.
Montreal, QC, Canada
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