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I have a variety of books in my library, but it seems like lately the trend has been toward mystery/suspense and thrillers. I'm going through a phase, I think. I am, also, a big "chick lit" fan, but don't judge too quickly. I'm not juvenile, I just like to escape from real life sometimes. I'm the same way with movies.

My books are tagged based on whether I own the book or not, and whether I have read it or not. The tags I have are:

DF=Date Finished Book
OML=Not owned, but on my list to own/read
Own=book I own
LB=book read from library but don't own
BB=book I borrowed and read but don't own
NYR=book I haven't read yet
NF=book I've started reading but haven't finished
Ebook=electronic book
ER=Early Reviewer book
MG=Member Giveaway book
About Me
I'm a book lover through and through, and, after discovering this great website, have now become addicted. At this point, I only own about 230 books, not near as much as I want to have. But, I keep a list of books I want to read/own, and, obviously, it's never ending. I keep adding to it, so I may never acquire them all, but I'm sure going to try! I currently have all the books on my list added to my library here, but, as I find more, I'll add them on, too!
My dream is to own my own bookstore one day, so I'm trying to work my way there. We'll see how that goes.
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