Great book (4), well (2), it was great (2), Well (2), Great read (2), but living indepently from you... Wave lengths he talked about light and great read.. I will buy this book as ASAP..... (1), he gave me a much simplier understsanding it was great... the multiverse how xy interfernce is used and combined back to output xy. He also talked about flatlanders and xyz which would be quantum theory. Parallel universe means there is a whole other pers (1), One of the best books that I have read this whole year on Quantum Physics (1), STupid book (1), but when you battaries are low or you lose your phone (1), not the software or hardware. We are the ones who decides what to do.. (1), The phone becomes an extension of yourself which you think you are always cool because your connected (1), just gambling on things.. No logic thinking (1), just do and hope you made a good decision.. stupid book. (1), but we are not there yet (1), but Paul allen and bill gates were already working on 16bit softeware and the hardware was ready for it. They made there money by licensing the software on each machine and pretty much grew from there. Steve Jobs complained that Bill gates stoled his idea (1), but it was all in the code. there big break came when IBM requested a system for their small computer which was 8bit (1), they could of made money selling hardware (1), so who is how. It's just how the software was the goal and that is the content that makes everything work.... (1), AI has been the goal (1), but again it's the software that makes it all work (1), you become dependent on what others are saying.. People are afraid fo being alone. It's a tool and try not get to much attached to it....Yea... I have the same problem right now (1), we will always be ahead of this technology and we must realize we are in control (1), if you want to watch something then it will be ....yes (1), but its all the same thing. Yea (1), or and not statements which are just mixed into electronic devices (1), logic is a combination of and (1), I pretty much have a good foundation on how it works and what it is..... Great work fxm (1), This book has helped me to organize things much better and the insights were great. Everyone has a junk box... (1), This was a great book which he asks the question of comparing Machiavelli to Plato which he turns out to be more Aristrotle because airistrotle dealth with what is not what we think things should be. He talked about man being evil and that is his nature d (1), Neurscience and the motor cortex of the brain that controls things as arms and legs. He found that it wasn't just one location but a field of diffrent location which they all work together to move things and stuff. Great explanations of how the brain work (1), Great book on logic which it starts in England with the father of logic to present day decisions and reason. Yes (1), but buried under neith everything today. (1), I need to control my time and I have the tools to do that with then lets do it... Here is the plan 230pm work is out. 2:30 to 4:00 exericse work out. 4:00 to 6pm nap and relax and clean house... 6pm to 9 read or review your studies...yes (1), they grew they knew it was all in the software and not the hardware. Yes (1), i can be doing something else with this time.... I plan to watch my big screen tv only when I have a dvd blue ray video or play a video game.. Yes (1), that is it.... 6 to 8 review my studies and if you have time watch a movie...Yes (1), lets try it.. (1), its all still there (1), I read this book about 15 years ago which reading it again was fun... I still remember the unix os and the codes (1), I come home from work at 230pm which I watch t.v. and watch tv until 9pm and then go to sleep (1), the social animal all over again and this time I saw how we evolved from tribes or religions which all we have is knowing each other. this is a great book because it gooes all the way from who we are and it's all about social connections and that we are s (1), AI and computer programs will never be able to develope this because they don't have a body or a feeling system and neurocortex that expands and learns. Yes (1), I understand how feelings are extremly important and that is what makes us human. Robots (1), Antonio Damasio does it again with a new book on neuroscience. Today (1), the neurons is what makes us humand and they exapand over the whole body and learn new things (1), but its this network that comptuers and AI lack....Yes (1), Simple book and quates on how to keep life simple... Procrustes would cut people up so they would fit his bed or make him comfortable it's just like us with technology we are always trying to find what works for us.... simple book.. (1), I plan on reading it again... (1), We are human because of feeling and emotions.... I have a great insight how these work..Great book (1), that is the goal and what I learned reading this book. (1), little by little and reading more and talking with others....Yes (1), it's what we make them. Seniors need company in old age and robots will be the best companions and the connected internet that is another whole issue. If (1), but again we are the ones who give them life. they don't have life (1), the tomagaschi idea and the Japanes robots that are present today (1), you are not on (1), you are missing out. the addiction is getting out of control... Yes (1), but no i am trying to get off...Yes (1), I started in 1995 just as it was starting and spent about three years 24 a day on the computer which has been great (1), This book was really fun because it had some simple math in the back ground which was easy to understand. he also gave examples of quantum theory and simplified some other ideas. Yes (1), this was fun and simple... Loved it... (1), I never liked it which I had it as cerritos college and cal state longbeach (1), presently I want to try google+ which I don't want to use facebook (1), they have grown and offer alot of free stuff which people as apple are finally catching up to (1), I just never liked it... (1), you always want more and more and ambition is what motivates us and that is human nature. He saw man as he is (1), just a get happy style book. (1), We are the ones we must watch. Not really good book (1), this book talks of Google begnings and present status. Great book which I was able to confirm everything because I used google when it first came out and it was all about speed. Yes that is why the browser is simple design and search. Yes (1), you need to know the diffrence from a natural high and substance high...Great book...Loved it.. (1), I would smoke.. After a while and noticing that I was spending $40 a week in cigarates (1), Reading this book made me stop smoking... Yes it talks about our habits which smoking was controlling me and every time I did something (1), This book has loop theory which goes back to waves and how waves create our universe. It was a great read but something new but I would like to read it again.... (1), I stopped. yes (1), its hard (1), this is what gets us out of bed and makes us go.. but (1), but I am now two weeks clean..... This book talks about pleasure and why we see it out. Yes (1), Great book which I learned more about qdos which was actaully called quick and dirty operating system and how paul allen and bill gates worked together. Paul Allen was bill gates teacher which they used the early internet and was into the code. As (1), I remember when I worked at santa Fe energy oil in sant fe springs which I was transfering all the oil data files over the modem through a t1 line and 20Megabite hard drive cost $2 (1), Simple layed out book on how they brain books which give specific location of what our brain does and todays neuroscience ideas and how we see and function. It talks about Humbancious man the left and right hempershers and basic functions of the brain...G (1), it's all working together which the whole brain is dynamic and static which was thoght before.. The interperter is that center I or consciosness or what ever.... Great book and read... Loved it... (1), you can see how these hemphsers hold their own location and function. We normal people who don' have this division we see something which goes to the right side of the brain and it works its way the left side which we name it and so on. So (1), I found out that my great great grandfather was a fish....Yes (1), that is cool (1), I loved it. I really want to read again but it's about 500 pages (1), One of the best books I read on biology and our evolution from matter. Great read (1), I knew it... we evolved from fish because we have the same DNA and you can see how we evolved into legs and then standing up... Great book but it was simple which he uses bibilical examples but he does focus on our evolution.... Great read.. (1), pictures and images and color which is all it see's. So (1), food and othes because we live in a social world. Great insights and also that determnism is supposed to be called responsibilitiy because we are in charge and we know what we do and want... Determinism works for computer.. he also talks about split bran (1), it is true because we must focus on one thing at a time and that is the way the brain works. It also says its good to keep an open mind which you are seeing other things happening this multitasking (1), This book talks about paying attention which sometimes we don't see all the information. Yes (1), consumption 6. work (1), but we are set up to do one thing at a time and that is truth... Well (1), that is what see (1), this is the second book by Michael s Gazzaniga on neuroscience. He defined what is science and what is not which he talked about the stock market which is behavior sciecnce and social and it shouldn't be called a science. I also like how he defines that t (1), we must focus on one thing at a time and that is the goal. (1), I found out that we are always growing and changing and adapting to our environment..Change is good and its our nature. (1), I read about eight chapters (1), I still remember that movie when I was a kid on twillight zone that the guy replaced people wiith computers little by little until there wasn't anyone... that is true today.... Auttomation is here today.. (1), but he didn't get the credit for that... He was able to get all the computers togetehr with graphics and icons on the same page...Great story.. (1), The story is about how the first computer network was created at cern which everyone had there own computer but creating a http network which was steves jobs next co that created it (1), The micro loans are great ideas for small business which in India they tried this idea which the women of families invested and bought material and stuff and kept there families safe... men are bad (1), they just got drunk with the loans... Women are much better investment.. (1), Surfing waves (1), UCLA book fair : He was all style... (1), cheate or sometimes get more.. (1), they are cold and truthfull... they are not like us humans which we lie (1), but it's all about our environment which makes us change. yes (1), I read Incomplete Nature which talks about the same stuff (1), but I kind of was bored.. but (1), but reality we really arent'.. It's all work... (1), My God is bigger then your God and if you go to my church and give one dollar you will get 10 back.. Great book on relgions and the social systems they create for us humans to stay civil.. (1), but I try to pretend I surf light waves in the ocean.. I can't describe the feeling when I catch a wave that momene is one............... (1), Photons are the bases of everything which they are light waves (1), the fatte of gullubs..4. Medicine 5 (1), Land of the free (1), I read this book when I was working with roger tang. This book gave me some great insights how presidents make decisions and the good and the bad and who they deal with. Great book. I loved it. (1), but it works. Remember its about making the technology emotional which is what I know the most. (1), This book gave me idea on working with more social devices because this is what we need in the new technologies. I also read about the handicap people who are using new bionic legs and the technology is improving. This is great and also to think outside t (1), This book talks about LHS the atom smasher whch she gives great explaination how it works (1), but she also hasnt found the bason boson atom which is a diffrent deminsion rapped up in a small circle which some call the God Particle. She talks about supersymatry which has been proven (1), but my main goal how this machine works... I started reading her first book "warped: which gives the basics and I am getting better insights... great read.. (1), I learned more about magnatism (1), but she is open to the theory of string theory which has about seven or eleven dimensions. Great read (1), We can only do one thing at a time. Try not to do manythings at the same time. keep it simple.. (1), its done through social networking which is a total diffrent way. Great read.. (1), robots and devices and give them souls as if they are real. so (1), but he was ready to take action like a lion. His finally years were dedicated to comadies which we humans do the same shit again and again.. We never learn and how funny it is that we humans never learn from our mistakes... (1), I loved the last chapter which I read twice because he ask the question who was he really. He was 1496 to 1525 in charge of florence which he worked in the church and he saw leaders come and go. He talks about his favorite example who was cesar borgia who (1), 000 this was 1989. Thinks have changed (1), os hold all the data (1), but like he says in the book (1), but encrypiton has improved (1), This book was really great ride which it started all the way back to the bankers of italy to the Jewish lending instatutions to todays banks and bonds. I learned that Spain had all the Gold and Silver but it was worth nothing (1), because money is baed on trust. I also saw how notes and paper was used to promise repayment or what something was worth and this was the so called bond market (1), The spice race. (1), The eunuch and the unicorn (1), but it devalued it also. He had some main ideas.. 1. Competition: two rivers (1), the Mediocure kingdom. 2. Science: the siege (1), osman and Fritz (1), from istanbul to Jerusalem. 3. Property: new worlds (1), tanzimat tours (1), but spain found north america and expanded and found Gold (1), Great book. spice race: Here you have spain looking for new spices and finding new routes and then others followed (1), but no one would look (1), he talked about bernie murdoff which it was also about trust (1), but again it was based on trust. Intresting. I also read about panzi scheames from france all the way to the civial war in the united states. Really good read. I also read about the primetime loans how they could change their intrest when ever they wanted (1), he always gave s 20 percent return (1), but if you wanted all you money (1), this book really helped and I am now reading his newbook which I think one more week I will finish.... (1), that was as no... Well (1), not as plato who thought about idealistic ideas of being good. all man is evil due to ambition... Great read (1), you job must benifit others and you have that feeling of doing great and this is happiness.. yes (1), but I learned something that we guys are like this but for women (1), we need to focus on one thing. we just need to be aware of this. This book had alot of studied and they had this gorilla walk in a video which I alos didn't see because my objective was counting (1), but it focus on things we don't notice and we guys are not able to work on two or more things at once. It's just not wired in us (1), they can do more.... so (1), watch it... yes (1), but the nazis messed everything up because they attacked the Jewish people who were the German Jews who made Germany what it is. it was the German Jewish community who gave value to study and always improving the self (1), This book was great which I was able to get a better idea of German culture and how it started. It' sad (1), I know.. (1), This book was fun (1), that is when it falls apart. (1), the brain cells that we are familar with. Glia have their own network and communiction and some people have to much or to little (1), glia are sparking a revolutions in the brain science. Gliea are completely different from neurons (1), which make up approximately 85 percent of the cells in the brain. Long neglected as little more than cerebral packing material ('glia' means glue) (1), but it was intresting reading about glia the new brain the material that was there (1), but until now we still don't know how it works. this book showed how schizophrina (1), but once they wear out (1), hiv and many other degenerative disease this glia is just falling apart or no longer working or protecting. I see them as shock's that a car would use (1), but the Nazis turned on them. they have it all in lturutur (1), univiersity which Paris and england were behind.. Yes (1), I worked on Geffins house and I remember that we couldn't get into steven speilbergs house because secutiy was so high to get into. well (1), I know and understand those time and what actually happen. I am still learning....Great read... (1), but in reality it looks like he was wrong and they are still wrong... Stupid ideoligism and you still have people who don't know but these are dummies.... Well (1), he was extra paranoid but again (1), he didn't have much. I remember the parties they would hold and stop all traffic while we worked on boscho's house.. yea (1), but speilberg (1), but this book explains alot which you see the old movie producer with the black glasses going out and he was going to give it to speilberg (1), but you have to remember karl marx and engles only wrote these ideas it was linen and stalin who followed through with their ideas. It also shows that captilism was going to be bad for people (1), but that was buouch of b.s. I now understand alot (1), I finished reading this book but I learned that Karl marx was being supported by Engeles who was A german but he had a factory in England which this explains who paid for all of Karl marx expenses in those days. Well (1), but on the home copy. I have to return today.. (1), this book is going into my physical library at home.. I still like to read more (1), Karl Marx thought that polish people and serves and black and others should be elimnated and engeles also agreed. Shit (1), these guys were the first races and then I learnd that Adolf Hitler used there ideas (1), I also read that communism was another form of Jewish control (1), but he only focused on the Jewish people. Karl marx was Jewish and he also wanted to do away with Jews. but (1), the other brain is the story of glia (1), he was the best and still is the best agent. He also talks about his walk with God is really close... I loved this book which I didn't expect much at first. The writting is perfet... (1), wittgenstien (1), those that legitmant' racial selection and 'racial thought' and deny the specificity ofte Hitletrian gnoicide and even thehuman essence oftis victijs have been included inthe gesamtausgabe without the least disclaimer on thepart of either their authror th (1), ' which arethe distinctive terms ofthe national socialist of the day.what is particularly serious is that these text as fundamental destructionive of thehuma being and of philsophy as those that exalt the 'the voice of the blood '{ and the forces of the e (1), This book is more research on AI which has been going on for a while. Yes (1), Darpa has been involved in alot of projects (1), I have finished another book called logic (1), this book was an artist book with a novel about a teacher just getting old. I really liked it because they used cartoon to explain the story and also you can see how the teacher is square and others are normal. Its gave a deminsion to my reading which was (1), but the issue for them to survivie they need good new ideas and that are simple and that work. Simple read (1), that thesis refers cearly to the ideas of 'community of destiny' and 'community f the people (1), a community.' in the context of the times (1), Yes (1), so (1), micrographia (1), it was good. (1), American revolutions (1), we already find init the assertion that human existence can not accomplishit's 'authentic destiny' except within 'a people (1), he becomes discreet because his goal is to obtain Husserl's former position (1), that was great... these are new books which are fun to read... (1), This book was about Frank Oppenheimer who was Robert Oppenheimers brother which gave a brief outlook on his life and what he went through. He opened a museum in San Francisco Oakland in the 1980 which alot of people went to see and how hard it was after t (1), this book was a great read which I have a much better insight. I love his example of the cat which can be anywhere in the box. Yes (1), This book gave me a much better understanding of quantuam physics and black holes. Yes (1), something new comes up.... (1), this is a great book... I understand a little more today... (1), The book was about Jerry Weintraub who was elvises firet manger and he took on Frank Senatra (1), this book just went over Frank sentra days and his Jewishness which is being lucy and John Denver which he lost as an agent. Yes (1), Led Zepplin then he movoed in producing movies and stuff. He wrote Oceans 11 and the final scrip. Yes (1), once you think you found it all (1), I am working on these to great philoshopers (1), This book was well writen which I learned more about being and time which is diezen. The being in the moment the right now (1), nothing much.... (1), just a biography (1), it all goes back to zen buddhism and I have seen the similerities. The only issue is that Heidigger joined the Nazi party and was one of his biggest mistakes. He still is great for being and time which created existenilism which we live outside ourself th (1), I think this is how Asian culture see's things they don't see it separate everything is together even themselves...Yes (1), I finally had a great break through. I am preently working on Phenomonology which Heidiggers teacher was husseral and Hegal. Yes (1), the I separtes us from everythingit's only when we realize that everything around us is us... We are everything because we are beings in time 'Deizen' Yes (1), gaffen and the migit (1), they would be kings (1), maybe its time to go back to school again. Yes (1), but not really that many in school in more (1), this is something that I need. I have some friends (1), that is true... Well (1), the main idea of this book is working with someone who will teach you and trust and learn together. This also applies to marriage. Yes (1), but no pily she was to sick and of course not lilly c becasus she has to much on her plate who would want to work that hard...Keep life simple...Yea... (1), I will marry her (1), if I can find her (1), but then he gets a team that he can bounce ideas off of. Yes (1), yes partnerships help you improve your work. A good example is the show house which he is alone and he can't get ideas and patients start to die (1), but he had some intresting ideas. He believed in the plasticity of the brain and how it learns and also about ghost or spirits which back then they were mixed up with good and evil. He saw that the person was psychology sick not evil. Well (1), William James was Americas first psychologist (1), This book was ahead of its time. Yes (1), I just had some brief insights. Great book. (1), This book was great because it talks about working with someone you trust (1), but he put that theory to work and actually saw it. That was great. but (1), but that person pushes you and shows you the ropes. I worked with Roger Tang which he showed me the alarm business which I was fresh out of school which was all theory (1), This book was great which it gives history of people who are sick but they really don't want to really tell you what they do or how they got sick. so (1), the character is always trying to figure it out which the truth is embarssing or just not want to be delt with. so (1), I have been learning and finaly understanding...Yes (1), this is what it's all about.. yes (1), my job is to help people see what they are doing and save them from law suites and see who did what. yes (1), I know.. Being happy is love for others and loving your job. Yes (1), shit (1), I see it now... (1), I see my job helping others in stopping crime and also figuring out who did what.. Yes (1), being happy is having a job that you have a passion for. Security cameas (1), this is just a way of looking at thing and figuring out what really is going on. then (1), yes everybody lies... Great read... (1), but once the truth is exposed and that is when everything goes wrong. so (1), you can see by lying people live normal cool life (1), Practical Wisdom This book was great which it teaches you that you have rules (1), but you have to figure out what is really going on. Yes (1), he didn't know it had alchol and they tried to take his kid away which the careworkers and lawers all were following rules and not looking at what happen it was an accident. So (1), it's like the kid who received mike lemonade from his Dad at a baseball game (1), but again we live in a social world and the I from Kant and rational thinking.. This was great. I hope to find another book like this... (1), I saw how Nietchie saw the individual (1), so you can handle the problem... Yes (1), but it was worth it. We humans live in social circles and we must always be there. Macavalli was right always be near (1), it was hard to read (1), it finally makes sense and this is who we are social animals. There was a chapter on morality which animals have these moralities and it's created through our social circles which we live in....Great read.... (1), the writer is a kook. He talks about surfing and come to califronia and the rest of the book is about mexico and how bad it is. Yes (1), these are kooks.... I wasted my time on this book... It should of been called looking for white people only... (1), but he doesn't say one good thing about the people or how they arrived at these beaches. Yes (1), he talks about the beaches and how nice (1), this book was great and I read it all the way through... yes (1), but you can still see that person and remember when they were alive. It's as if that social circle is stopped and no longer lives. Yes (1), but they introduced 3d to the movies which the goal was getting movie goes back into theaters (1), this business is holding together (1), but each one did there own thing.. Today (1), but that is all they can do. it's all about the content and that is what we all want. Good story and good actors and good content.... Good read... (1), This book talks more about social circles which is our natures. He tries to combine the physical world and the ideal world of social structure and it makes sense. I really enjoyed reading this book because the final chapters talked about dignity and who w (1), we are no longer there (1), but when we die (1), This book was fun and hard to read because of the chemistry terminology (1), but it was simplified. Yes (1), or shoulld I do this and that (1), are we offending anyone (1), all he knows is the data and that is all he cares about. We humans we care about everything (1), but this is all the ego tunnel our conscious awareness of being alive and in a social community. Yes (1), this is true. Great book. I hope to read more books by the same auther.. (1), kant and Heidigger in todays terms or how they would see the world and what it means. This was a great read. Yes (1), This book was great which he talks about Socrates (1), these are blinders but they are also to the concept of ego tunnel which we only see the things we want and understand. He goes into consciousness how we are able to see ourselves outside and the xbox game connect is an extension of our selfs. This is also (1), this is like a horse with patches over its eyes that is not allowed to see anything but the track or when a older person experinces his world and only knows what he knows. Yes (1), but all we can really know is concepts and ideas or stories because these are what help us remember. Yes (1), the read was good (1), McDermott meets Dr.Lynch who for four years has been working on memory where it is and how it works. this has been one of the biggest mysteries. Yes (1), the reserch was great and Dr. Lynch always looking for funding for his research that was it... I learned that memory is still a mystery and that we totally don't know how it works. We might have areas that light up in the brain but it isn't for (1), this field is still growing and being understood.. Great read and the campus was irvine California which I plan to visit.... (1), then it doesn't exist. Yes (1), this book is about consciousness which we create a Ego tunnel which we know and experience and understand which if something doesn't fit it (1), This book really helped me understand the new generation that we have today which are about 20 to 25 or so. They text message and don't want the simple hello how are you. They are not socializing and they rather just see what is on the device or computer. (1)
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