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Col·leccionsPhysics Book (553), Politics (69), Village Town Settlement Community Border Colony Site Urban (13,445), Maps Geography Cartography Atlas Toponymy Placenames (2,191), Native America Project (25,848), History General (24,402), Culture Relig Missions Travel Anthrop Archaeol Military Biog (20,882), Llista de desitjos (16,235), La teva biblioteca (12,612), Online Edition (4,498), Bibliography (1,242), Architecture Dwellings Housing Shelter (176), Art Craft Photog Creativity Artifact Dance Powwow Ceremony (1,037), Computers Web Programming (137), Demography Population Group Epidemic Catastrophe (404), Ecol Nature Geog Animals Outdoors Agric Plants Food Landscap (2,835), Education Teaching Learning Training Coaching Motor-Learning (388), Engineering Manufacturing Infrastructure Power (71), Fur Trade Beaver Deer Buffalo Trapping Mountain Men Hunting (1,426), Gold Silver Lead Copper Mineral Rock Flint Oil Mine Resource (242), Golf (411), Law Land Policy Recognition Removal Agency Treaty Govt Tribe (2,961), Lifespan-Development Aging Geriatrics (31), Lit Lang Linguis Commun Oratory Writing Media Place Names (1,531), Male Female Gender (84), Market Business Commerce Trade Presentations Sales Currency (339), Medicine Anatomy Physiology Biology Nutrition (408), Mind-Body Hypnosis NLP EFT Biofeedback EEG Zen (184), Movement Motor Control Biomechanics Kinesiology (254), Music Rhythm Tempo Timing (520), Neuroscience Cognition Perception Neuropsychology (701), Philosophy Logic Reasoning Delusion (80), Physics Math Chemistry Astronomy (849), Psychology Psychiatry Personality Sports-Psychology Mental (162), Science Technology Experiment (452), Slavery Ethnicity Race Racial Isolates Mixed Blood Captives (922), Sports Games Recreation Play (92), Transp Roads Voyage RR Trails Exped Campaigns Tours Visits (2,701), Evolution Fossills Bones Ossuary Burial (160), General (77), Graphic / Product / Interior Design (236), Humanities (62), Video VHS DVD Movie (72), Per llegir (1), Llegit, però no el tinc (4), Totes les col·leccions (30,001)

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Etiquetestrails (267), travel and transportation (209), settler roads (205), migration routes (200), indian paths (199), Physics Book (133), trading paths (125), Spanish (123), fur trade (110), Creek Indians (100) — mostra totes les etiquetes

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Quant a miPracticed law for nearly 20 years then started teaching golf putting and founded the PuttingZone ( in 2000, now with 400 PuttingZone certified Coaches in 26 Countries worldwide.

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la meva biblioteca
Personal library focusing upon mathematics and physics plus general science, graphic design, neuroscience, golf, literature, computers, natural history, and a large collection concerning the history of North America and the impact of European colonization upon the ecosystem and the indigenous peoples, to be used by scholars and students of Native American history and part of my larger Google Earth mapping project called The Native America Project (

GrupsMaps and Atlases, Native American History, Neuroscience

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Nom realGeoff Mangum

UbicacióGreensboro, NC, USA

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