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Aug 16, 2007
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About My Library
I'm very pleased you made time to visit my library! Sharing libraries is one of life's most intimate activities. It's like agreeing to allow someone into your mind, revealing what things excite you, your interests, and a great deal about your personality. You are now getting a front row seat to mine.

What you see on my shelves are the books I have made a commitment to purchase, fully realizing early in life that I could not possibly buy every book I read or wanted to read. So, I made a decision to line my walls with books by and about the African American experience. I wanted every dollar I pinched away from the small budget that supported my young son and I to be an investment that he would benefit from when I am no longer around.

You will see that I love a angst-driven love story (i.e., Zachary's Wings by Rosemary Robotham, Another Good Lovin' Blues by Arthur Flowers, Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neal Hurston), but lean away from a lot of the 'lust in the dust' urban romance novels that are currently popular. It appears I buy in streaks, and will purchase successive books in a row (beginning with the first novel) from authors whose work I particularly like. It seems I've bought quite a few biographies, and I deliberately seek the first books of African American men. I've never viewed my collection before in this way, and am excited about doing further viewing using my tags, the tag mirror, and My Connections to lead me toward new authors and subjects.

LT has enabled me to take a long, hard look at my collection and really see what I have and where my tastes are going and where the gaping holes are in my collection. My shelves at home were organized alphabetically, but also separated by category: biographies, reference, fiction, cooking. The collection should be fairly accurate because I entered the data from a record made while packing them away a couple of years ago, prior to returning to California to care for my mother, who had been in ill health. Right now, seeing these books again is very therapeutic, and I am relishing hanging around other bibliophiles.

The posted photograph is one taken of my mother smiling brightly at 20 years old. Seeing this picture each time I log onto LibraryThing reminds me to continue to smile...and not let the speedbumps in life change my spirit or lessen my joy.
About Me
I am a former telecommunications manager; born in Nebraska, and have finally returned to retirement living outside Atlanta, GA after decades of corporate relocations all over the United States. The small town in Georgia I moved to is quaint, clean and quiet...the ideal environment for my hobbies and interests. I love to read and constantly seek all the sensations involved when handling the hardcover representation of an author's creative energy. I hope to write one of my own one day, and plug away sporadically at composing a publish-worthy narrative. I am an accomplished seamstress/tailor, and the handwork I can expertly accomplish today (including embroidery, quilting, and cross stitch) is because of the many hours spent without electricity waiting out the tornadoes and snowstorms of my Nebraska childhood. Most often, I was completely content as long as I had my flashlight and a book.

I have one son, and he has officially made me a grandmother. One grandson is now 16 years old, and a younger second boy is now 10 years old and eating left-handed like his Dad! At the end of 2018 a third boy was born, beautiful and healthy like his older brothers. It is joyous to think of new life and the adventure and a new opportunity to welcome into your life the abundance of love that comes with a new life. I hereby testify that grand-parenthood is even sweeter than parenthood, and I've concluded that complete enjoyment of children begins only when (at least) 50 years separate your ages. Now that I've moved cross country, I've received tutoring and now "Skype" and "FaceTime" often to keep in touch with them. I love to cook, enjoy entertaining, and take each event as an opportunity to try out new recipes. I love to 'step' (Chicago style), and take lessons wherever I go to socialize. When I am not sewing, I'm definitely reading. Thanks for stopping by.....
Atlanta suburb, GA
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