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Oct 7, 2005
Sobre la meva biblioteca
This library is a combination of books, CDs and DVDs that I own and those that I would like to own. Books I would like to own are on my Wish List. I have read most of the books that I own. I have also read many books in the past that I currently do not own. For the sake of completing my library, it is still my goal to get the books I have already read because, in my opinion, these are classics. It is also my goal to read not only all the books I own, but those that I still want to own.

Regarding DVDs, I only intend to collect the ones that I consider classic or educational. Once I watch a movie, I generally don't care to watch it again unless it is spectacular. At the moment I don't own any DVDs, so they are all on my wish list. The CD collection is comprised mainly of the CDs that I own and a few that I'd like to get. I will eventually get around to tagging the CDs and DVDs.

In short, my literary and entertainment interests are:

* Literature (African, Afro-Caribbean, African-American, Young Adult, Multicultural)

* Historical fiction and historical fantasy (i.e., African-American, Civil War, slavery and African Diaspora)

* Speculative Fiction (i.e., horror, science-fiction, fantasy)

* Utopias and Dystopias (plagues, nuclear holocausts, hostile alien invasions, end of world scenarios, oppressive and totalitarian societies, post-apocalyptic civilizations, alternate histories)

* Nonfiction --
Afrocentric or Afrikan studies,
African and African-American studies,
African Biblical studies,
Afrikan and Afrocentric Biblical studies,
Literary criticism,
Women's studies,
Education reference,
Writing reference,
Diabetic education and lifestyle

* Folktales (African, Afro-Caribbean, African-American)

* Poetry (African-American, Afro-Caribbean, African)

* Humor -- morbid humor, macabre humor, sick humor, overlaps somewhat with horror. I think my taste in humor is rather twisted. I may need professional help because I think this is funny.

* DVD (genres, but not tagged) -- horror, mystery, science-fiction, African and African-American history

* CD -- I like a variety of music. See the library.

* MP3 -- a collection of OTR horror and mystery broadcasts
Sobre mi
I am a Young Adult Library Services Specialist with a public library. I plan programs for youth in 6th to 12th grade, visit schools to promote library services and talk with youth to gauge what they would like in their library. I would love to meet with other librarians to discuss issues such as the digital divide, information literacy and Library 2.0. I earned my MLIS degree from the University of North Texas School of Library and Information Sciences in 2010. I plan to focus my career in African-American studies. It is also my goal to pursue a doctorate in African-American Studies and utilize my degrees at an academic or research library devoted to African-American collections and research.

Strangely, I love to do research. I also love to hang out in bookstores and libraries, share information with others, use the computer and search the Internet. I am also passionate about many social issues and love to discuss these issues with others.

As a Virgo and a personality type somewhere between INTJ and INFJ, I am an avid collector and reader. I love books, OTR (Old Time Radio) horror and mystery broadcasts, plush animals, candles, jewelry, recipes, cookbooks, unicorns and anything soft and cuddly -- the softer and cuddlier the better!
Missouri City, TX
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("harambeegirl"), ("Crystal Cornell"), delicious, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pandora, Twitter
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