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Membre: haydninvienna

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Quant a miMWM, late middle age. Lawyer. Interests literary, musical, non-heroic. Politically liberal (in the sense that the UK Lib Dems use it--absolutely not libertarian). I've been a legislative counsel (a professional rule-drafter) for 27 years in 4 jurisdictions. I can't remember a time when I wasn't reading although I seem to have hit a slump lately. Must be something in the air.

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la meva biblioteca
No real theme to it--just 50-odd years of more or less random accumulation and occasional clearing out--might know more about it after a bit of cataloguing! UPDATE: the cataloguing didn't help much. Nor that my "library" is in 3 different places-in Doha, in Bicester and quite a bit in storage in Canberra. The part in Doha is completely catalogued, the Bicester segment also now so (I think), and the Canberra segment not at all. FURTHER UPDATE: The storage has now been cleared and the books either sent to the Lifeline Book Fair people for re-homing or shipped back to Bicester, where they continue to languish in boxes. YET FURTHER UPDATE: Doha is now all packed up and on the high seas somewhere. Hopefully everything will be united in one place fairly soon.FURTHER FURTHER UPDATE: It's all now in Bicester—first time that the whole lot has been under one roof for 15 years.

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