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Hip hop the last religion is the tale of rap music and hip hop the culture as it was formed from the owner America King known to this decade as Ella or kevin lee he talks about his investment in def jam records his dealing to date with the label he also clears the biggie & tupac story up . KnowIng them personally . This is a must read . This resource full piece of literature services as a know all guide for anyone entering the entertainment industry!!
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The first man Reincarnated

The first man reincarnated still lives in New York in his county of Kings.
Being reincarnated many times in his native land of Turks & Caicos Islands .
Known since 1984 as Kevin Lee who came to America as a boy simply
named Lloyd or King George VI . When checking his official records it
was discovered that he was King Jesus Christ the only living God .
With many historic stats and titles like Abdullah Yusef Ali , America ,
Lord King George , Jesus Christ and more . On record he's been living
through reincarnation since the 15th century . In the 19th century the King
and his sons have fought many wars defeating Masonic Slave Mastors ,
Political Asylum Camps and Society's claiming land or power source's stolen
from the Kings home's and secret rooms when he was tranquilized to a kid .
Since the 1900's its been a proven fact that King Jesus Christ known in the
1930's as Yusef or King George living in Turks & Caicos Islands as Yusef and England
as the king at this time , he was also a child
who grew up . Reincarnated again around the 1950's he used the name Loyd George Been
after a murder attempt in 1952.
When family cloned this body in the 1954's and attempt to murder him he changed
his name to Lord George Been in salute of his governing name King George .
In the 1980's the King reached accurate age to excepted his inheritance . When
his daughter gave him a drink that tranquilized him to a child again. Upset with
his family the King then moved to New York . With help from his family
who lived in America . Know the King lives in NYC taking active roles in
company's he owns .Since 1984 baby genuis (Kevin Lee) has played a behind
the scenes role as ghost writer , marketing consultant , and Music Video Treatment Writer
In 2009 he placed hiself as Ceo of Hip Hop at Universal Music Group & Def Jam
and opens his own major label "Gauped Up Records"
The King built many many inventions since the 1950's till now like the
Mobile telephone (cell phone) ,Internet , and much more
Now walking in to the 21st century the King makes his army public
"The Royal Commission" with division's including Department of Reincarnation ,
Royal Army , International Guard , Central Banking System ,
Law & Tax Revisory Board (Known as the Law Makers Office)

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