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About My Library

Most books in my library are books I have read and reviewed. There are a few books I added to my library years ago that I wanted to read.

I love Library Thing because it will help me keep up with the books I read.

Blessings, Joy ibjoy1953

About Me

My husband and I are retired so we do things around the house, inside and out to keep busy. Before retirement I was out of work on disability for about 12 years. Being disabled gives me time to read because I can't do the things I use to do. I read Christian and clean fiction, but I enjoy Christian fiction more and as a Christian, I enjoy talking about and recommending Christian books to others.

I have really been active in Library Thing for a few months now, having read my 5th early readers book. I look forward each month to the books we have to choose from. And I want to thank LT for allowing us to catalog our books there.

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