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Constantly adding to my library -- my TBR stack is certainly bigger than anything I will realistically be able to read in my lifetime. My tag system is simple, but it works for me!

I am most generally a reader of fiction, but am not exclusive to that genre. I read approximately half or more of my selections on audio, as I'm in the car a lot with my job, but also read a fair amount of hardcover, paperback, and e-books. My books come from a variety of sources (PaperBackSwap, trades, Goodwill, garage sales, libraries, downloads). I rarely buy a book new.

Please leave a comment if you're so inclined, and if you have any recommendations based on similar interests, please feel free to pass those along to me as well!
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I'm Coleen, middle-aged, married, working mom w/ 2 older kids. Proud Gen X'er and Chicago Cubs fan! I love reading of course, but never feel like I have enough time to do as much of it as I'd like. I'm an active member of BookCrossing, Goodreads, Litsy and PaperBackSwap.

Lafayette, Indiana
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