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J. Niimi
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I've collected books since I was a little kid. ("Mr. Pine's Mixed-Up Signs" was my first; I think it probably sparked my interest in semiotics.) Publishing has always fascinated me; I always had some kind of self-published newsletter or zine-type-thing going at any given time. Upon arriving at U. of Chicago, my already eclectic book tastes became even more eclectic. (Thanks and no-thanks, Seminary Co-op.) I don't really collect rare or valuable books, just ones whose topics interest me, or might someday. The only topics that don't interest me at the moment are opera and professional sports.
About Me
I'm a writer, pop music journalist, cultural critic, and author. I'm still kind of adjusting to the notion that I'm essentially living my dream: getting all the music in the world for free, going to any show I want for free, hanging around the house all day in my underwear smoking cigarettes and listening to records, and being able to pay the rent simply by writing down the thoughts that occur to me in the course of the above.

I'm the author of R.E.M.'s Murmur (part of the 33 1/3 book series published by Continuum, June 2005.) A chapter from Murmur is excerpted in the new 33 1/3's Greatest Hits Volume Two collection (also published by Continuum, Oct. 2007.) I'm currently working on a new book, to be published by a major university press. (More info to come)
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