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Josh Walker
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I am currently working on a Ph.D. in New Testament at McMaster Divinity College. I work for/with Professor Dr. Stanley Porter. As a T.A. (teaching assistant) I have the opportunity to teach, grade, research and proof read books, articles and essays, which is fantastic. I get to read books before they are published. This is like watching your favorite movie before it is out in the theaters. It is a great position and I enjoy it very much.

I also love to read, mainly my Bible, and books about the Bible/Christianity, i.e. theology, commentaries, Greek grammars, biographies, and things like that. I am an aspiring Pauline scholar and Greek scholar. I find benefit from the writings of: John Piper, John Calvin, John Owen, John Murray, Herman Bavinck, Scott Oliphint, Richard Gaffin, Stanley Porter, Derek Thomas, Guy Waters, Miles Van Pelt, D.A. Carson and many others.

I enjoy smoking my pipe and drinking a beer or cognac while talking about the Christian faith with friends. Some of my favorite times in life are enjoying the company of others; smoking and drinking and talking about the deep things of God. So whether you eat or drink; do all to the glory of God.
Hamilton, ON
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