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My collection is mixed and all over the place. A collection of classics and Beat Poetry. Stacks of eastern and modern philosophy books. Some of my favorite guilty pleasures are a collection of 1990's icon Henry Rollins books detailing his observations of LA and it's South Bay during the 80's and 90's. Gritty stories that really make you feel for the youth starving to make their mark and how life treats them
About Me

Jonathan Faia is a writer native to Southern California who came to maturity

in the 1990s. Born in Fullerton, California in 1975, he spent the majority

of his early adolescence in the arms of the Fullerton and Buena Park Public

Libraries. Reading the works that would inspire and shape his life. Growing

up in what modern culture referred to as, “Generation X” he spent his

formative years in the 1990s attending college majoring in English Literature

and honing his love for writing. Combining his “Gen X “ adolescence with

his utter infatuation for “Beat Poetry” he authored the books, Wylde Serenity

and Love Letters From Barstow. Both books are filled with poems whose

elements include the indulgences of love, and the loneliness that comes

from its failures. His work encompasses despair, angst, and even flirtations

with death. Both books have received starred reviews from literary critics

and industry publications. He also passes time writing freelance articles and

performing interviews for several online publications. In his free time, he

can be found walking the aisles of local independent booksellers.

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