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I'm Heather, a beauty loving disabled geek with research superpowers (she/her). I blog about everything geeky and review books and comics at Just Geeking By (see website link).

I'm a disabled bisexual woman and review books from this perspective. I write honest reviews and do my best to make my criticism as constructive as I can. However, I don't ignore any major issues I come across such as a lack of diversity, bigoted/outdated language or poor characterisation and plots.

Note about GR reviews: I've been using GR since 2009. I don't change my ratings as my opinions of authors or book changes; I read too much and due to my disabilities I don't have the energy to waste. This means that despite my ratings for HP books, I do not support that author or her views. Likewise, I don't explain my opinions in reviews especially to (passive) aggressive/overly negative commenters just looking for arguments (aka trolls).


Every September I run an event called GeekDis discussing disability representation in pop culture. I read and review books with disability characters and by disabled authors for the event. If you're a disabled author please get in touch! For more information about the event please visit my website and select "GeekDis" from the menu.

** AUTHORS ***

If I've marked your book as to read, and you're looking for reviewers I'd love to review it! Even if your book isn't on my TBR I offer full reviews on my blog which I post here, and I'm happy to post them elsewhere (i.e. Amazon). I'm signed up to NetGalley and Book Sirens under the username justgeekingby.

If you would like me to review your book please head over to my blog and read my book review information for more information.

AUTHORS PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME ABOUT NEGATIVE REVIEWS. It is essential that my reviews remain impartial, otherwise they are of no help to authors or readers.

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