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Hi, I'm keikii! I love reading fantasy, urban fantasy, magical realism, science fiction, and paranormal romance. I have been reading fantasy and science fiction all my life. In fact, I've been reading urban fantasy all my life, though I didn't know the term until I became an adult! Oh, the wasted years looking for new books to read! If only I knew what to search for!

I prefer reading modern works, and while I don't completely avoid historical fantasy, I do tend to not read it. Anything written after 2000 is fair game, though I'll read the occasional book written prior to that. I love books with a well-written romance, but prefer that that isn't the entire contents of the book - I NEED my fantasy.

I read a lot. My personal best is 450 books in a single calendar year (with a couple dozen dozen or so novellas, short stories and audio books - which I count separately). I read fast, and I am a binger. I can sit down and read an entire trilogy in a single sitting if I really get going!

And no, I have no other hobbies. Unless you count torturing Excel to terrifying outcomes. But really, that's all about books again, anyway.
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