uses rhyming (2), teaches sequencing (2), teaches that being different is okay (2), counting (1), teach about synonyms (1), teaches about acceptance and differences (1), teaches imagery (1), can be used for writer's workshop (1), have students write about future goals (1), can be used to teach making deeper connections to text (1), teach the life cycles of a butterfly and using visuals to comprehend text (1), teach long and short vowels (1), bilingual book and a spin on "Mary Had a Little Lamb" (1), teach rhymes (1), make real world connections (1), during reading (1), used to teach pre-reading (1), and post reading strategies (1), can be used to teach generating questions or making predictions (1), teach onomatopeias (1), teaches rhyming and nonsense words (1), teach alphabet recognition (1), teaches children about responsibilities (1), can be used to teach main idea and theme (1), teach sequencing and repetition (1), can be used to make real world connections to the text (1), teach diversity (1), can teach making predictions (1), can be used to teach plot (1), can be used to teach about holidays (1), teaches geometry and real world connections (1), and colors (1), teaches alphabet (1), teaches cause and effect (1), can be used to teach counting (1), can be used to teach rhyming (1), teaches counting (1), teaches rhyming (1), teaches students about emotions (1), teaches sharing (1), helping make real world connections (1), teaches about the roles of different government officials (1), uses repetition (1), teaches class expectations (1), teaches students how to make guesses off of context clues and teaches about shapes (1), teaches using your imagination (1), teaches emotions (1), teaches onomatopeias (1), uses rhyming and repetition (1), easy to decode (1), uses rhyming and make real world connections (1), teaches about bullying and helps make real world connections (1), easy to follow and decode (1), teaches the characteristics of friendship (1), can be used to teach about memoirs (1)
Núvol d'etiquetes, Núvol d'autors, Mirall d'etiquetes
S'ha unit
May 27, 2021