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May 10, 2007
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Kai Henningsen
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Still a large number of books waiting to be added.

Currently reorganizing the ebook entries.

A short explanation of my tagging system:

Tags starting with "!" describe the location of a book. "!ungeklärt" is a book
without any specific location - that means stuff like ordered books that
haven't arrived yet, or books where I simply don't know where they currently
are. Every book should have such a tag.

Actually, I've started to rework this. I'm giving every book a barcode
inventory sticker, and put one on every book shelf, and scan in those two for
every book, into the "private comment" field. That will replace all the "!"
tags. At the moment, books that are done get a "!bc" tag.

Tags starting with "=" name the publisher; I'm in the process of adding this to
all my ebooks at the moment, until I get a better idea of how to organize this.

(Hmm. Given a book, how to identify "the publisher"? Is that even a
well-defined concept in these days of big corporations? Or is there another one
that is well-defined?)

Also, you should probably know that everything in the collection "Parts of
Anthologies" is not an actual book, but a part of one - usually a story in an
anthology. The string under "Publication" is the barcode on the actual book
(which is in a private comment, as mentioned above - sorry).

Other tags are currently fairly unsystematic.
Münster (Westf.), Germany
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