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Killian McRae
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Very eclectic. I read a wide range of materials, from non-Fiction history, to erotic paranormal.
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Born and raised in rural Michigan, Killian used the local library- a single room in a her village's firehouse- as an escape to visit distant worlds, meet brave heroes, learn of classic mythologies, and develop a lifelong love of learning and reading.

Though she had written three novels before graduating high school, she never thought of trying to publish until much later in life. 12.21.12 is her first published work.

Her other interests include musicology and history. She currently lives in the San Francisco Bay area.
Palo Alto, CA
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Llibreries: Books Inc Palo Alto, Bookshop Santa Cruz, The Book Nook

Biblioteques: Palo Alto City Library - Downtown Branch, South Rockwood Branch (Monroe County Library System)

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