About My Library
2016-08: Reimported a GR CSV to get the reviews, and the result is quite a mess. I'm working on fixing it, a few books at a time, and most of the books are here, but possibly with eccentric titles, missing ISBN's and uncombined with their peers. I'd start over with a Calibre csv, but I would have to add all the reviews back and the thought makes me cry.
About Me
Kiwi who lives in Sweden.

I like books. I like to read them, and I like cataloguing them (there's a sort of zenlike state that fixing metadata gets me to.) Some days, I like organizing them more than I like reading them.

I write reviews. Sometimes really long ones. I like to work out my thoughts for myself, by writing them out, and if that is of interest to other people, well neat. And if it's not, at least I've recorded them for myself.
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