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Altamont Augie de Richard Barager

Never Let You Go: A Novel de Chevy Stevens

Virals de Kathy Reichs

A Celebration of the Simple Life de Wanda E. Brunstetter

Looking for a miracle de Wanda E. Brunstetter

Don't Stop Laughing Now! de Ann Spangler

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Quant a miYou can find me more so at Goodreads! I'm sorry to admit, but there are SO MANY social media sites, one gets pulled in a hundred directions, but I AM trying to spend MORE time HERE now, too! With that being said, here is my address over at Goodreads so you can see I have a LOT of reviews there, as well as at my blog (mostly all the same reviews, which is why I am starting to make an automatic effort of posting my review 'here' immediately after Amazon and Goodreads) at I really wish LibraryThing could make an APP that links the two of these sites together! Again, I AM going to be trying to make it an automatic thing to post my Reviews HERE, I don't know about you, but inputting TBR books twice is not working for myself. What about you?
I am 47 and am disabled due to a rare neurological muscle disease called, Stiff Person Syndrome. It makes your muscles go completely rigid/stiff, then they spasm out of control because they are not supposed to be like that. The spasms can put up to 6 tons of pressure on the skeletal system, so you can imagine what my spine is like. I am unable to walk or stand barely at all, (it is very hard), and need to keep my legs elevated which gives me LOTS of time to sit and READ escaping this disease!
I am married and I have two children, a daughter who is 21 and a son who is 16-1/2. Due to my disability, they live with their father, as it is to much for me to care for them, although, they ARE adults, more or less! I physically can't keep up with them! (They are young and have no health issues, thankfully, but don't give Mom here any help! LOL!) This kills me as a mother, but . . . it does not take much to bring the spasms on. Sometimes I get mad because I will try to do the simplest of tasks and it will trigger the spasms. This is not a fun disease. I need a few naps to get through my days so my muscles can stay relaxed. My son used to visit on the weekends-precious time, but not anymore because he has a job now! Now, if only we can get his ADHD to settle down so he can drive! Poor guy!
My husband and I spend our time together reading and watching a few choice TV shows! As a matter of fact, we met at a bookstore 12-1/2 years ago now, and just celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary! We also have a dog named Carly who is 8! She is a 100lb beautiful chow/black lab/Australian Cattle Dog (bred from Dingos)!! She has the black lab face, NOT the punched in chow face. She has gorgeous red hair with a curved tail that she sways back and forth when she walks, and the hair on that tail is 12-14" long! That dog hair is very difficult to keep up with! WOW!
Our favorite store is any bookstore! Updated June 20, 2014

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You can find me at ALL these places!
My Book Blog: Laurie Here - Contemporary Fiction and MORE - Book Reviews at
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***Indie/Self Published Authors: I LOVE you all!***
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Please note that yes, my blog is an Adult Fiction oriented blog, but minus ANY Erotica - ZERO tolerance for it! Sex is fine, but not when it goes so far as Erotica! I get a LOT of requests for Erotica, so I had to add this into my signature. Thanks for understanding!!


Genres I do NOT review: No Middle Grade, No YA (I'm too old to enjoy High School anymore! LOL!) Memoirs, Auto-Biographies, Paranormal, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Supernatural, Time Travel, Science Fiction, Ghosts, Vampires, Witches, Werewolves, Zombies, NO Apocalyptic, NO religion (except Amish as stated above), NO Erotica, or other 'different' genres.

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Llegint actualmentThe Baby Farm de Karen Harper
Gunn's golden rules : life's little lessons for making it work de Tim Gunn
The Scent of Lilacs de Ann H. Gabhart
The Shack de William P. Young
No Safe Haven de Kimberley Woodhouse
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