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costume history (35), textiles (12), sewing (11), clothing (8), manuscript (7), Japan (6), NESAT (5), travel (4), history (4), Anglo-Saxon (4), fitting (3), Museum of London (3), design (3), medieval (3), fashion (3), celtic (3), craft (2), material culture (2), Regina: Sutherland (1), daily life (1), Viking (1), patterns (1), paper (1), non-fiction (1), language (1), knitting (1), universities (1), fabric (1), spanish (1), Cuba (1), , fibre (1)
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Dec 30, 2007
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I collect books on historical clothing and textiles - in particular: costume history, history of costume history, how to make historical clothing. There are also a number of book peripheral to this focus: illuminated manuscripts, dress accessories, personal items, craft. I also have books on modern patternmaking, pattern alteration, sewing.

My fiction, and non-fiction books on other topics (e.g. languages and linguistics, travel) aren't catalogued.

midgardarts and leccator have a shared library, so if you're checking what we have in order to buy a gift for either of us, be sure to check both LibraryThing accounts.
Saskatchewan, Canada
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Llibreries: Cambridge University Press Bookshop, Foyles (old Charing Cross branch), G. David, Galloway and Porter, Heffers Bookshop, McNally Robinson Booksellers - Saskatoon, University of Saskatchewan Bookstore

Biblioteques: Regina Public Library - Central Library, Trinity Hall Old Library, University of Cambridge - Squire Law Library, University of Saskatchewan - Main Library

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