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Atheism and humanism, Banned Books, Books that made me think, Brights, Cognitive Science, Cyberpunks, Experimental Film and Video, Faith and Reason, Fat Activists, Futurists, Geeks-R-Us, Getting Things Done, Guitar and Bass Players, Happy Heathens, History of technology, History of the Book, Hypertext & New Media Studies, I heart metadata, I Survived the Great Vowel Shift, Information Security, knowledge management, Libertarian and Market Liberals, Librarians who LibraryThing, Maps and Atlases, Maryland Librarythingers, Medieval Europe, Museums of the World!, Music to read by, MySpace, National Book Festival, Neuroscience, Non-Fiction Readers, Outdoor Readers, Pagans inc, Pastafarians, Philosophy and Theory, Philosophy of Science, Photography, Poly Booksluts, Post-apocalyptic Literature, Primary Source Geeks, Progressive & Liberal!, Rare, Old or Offbeat, Real Ale (& Other Beers), Resistance is Fertile!, Russian books and language, Science and Technology in Society, Science Fiction Fans, Science!, Second Life, Secret Masters, Self-Improvement / Self-Help Books, Sex Between the Covers, Shamanism, Simple Minded, Single Booklovers, Skeptic's book club, Slavic Languages, Social Networks, Sociologically Obsessed, Sustainability, technoculture, The Scepter'd Isle, medieval history of England, 500 to 1500 AD, Thought Experiments, Time Travel, Alternate Histories and Parallel Worlds, Travel and Exploration literature, University of Maryland, Voices of the People's History, Washington, DC, Web 2.0 Innovative Thinkers, webmasters, Weird Fiction, Where LibraryThing leads..., World History, World Religions
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Aug 4, 2007
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Hyattsville, Maryland U.S.A.
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