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The majority of my library consists of fiction. Mostly historical romance, as that is what I spent the majority of my early 20's reading. We moved this past September and I really weeded out my library... A lot of my historical romance was donated to my neighbor's father so he could sell them at the auction down the street to make money... time to build it up again.

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My favorite author of all time is V.C. Andrews. The book that started my love for reading is The Bridge to Terabithia.

My recent obsession is with young adult novels and dystopias. But I am looking to expand my interests with the help of the 75 book challenge and fellow LTers.

I used to teach preschool and enjoyed watching my little ones as they discovered the joy of books when we read. They especially loved Skippy Jon Jones, as do I!

In 2013 I started working at the library... recently I gained full time employment and it has been awesome... but my wishlist continues to grow.

I'm a 32 year old mommy of one, married to my childhood sweetheart, and when I'm not reading I'm crafting.
Virginia Beach, Virginia
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Biblioteques: Chesapeake Public Library System - Central Library, Chesapeake Public Library System - Dr. Clarence V. Cuffee Outreach and Innovation Library, Chesapeake Public Library System - Indian River Library, Chesapeake Public Library System - South Norfolk Library

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