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Quant a miThe Civil War Book Review's mission is to provide academia and the public with up-to-date scholarship on the Civil War Era, a period bounded by the crises of the antebellum years and Reconstruction’s abrupt end in 1877. The CWBR honors its foremost commitment by soliciting reviews crafted by academic and independent scholars throughout the country. Books not reviewed by the journal are recognized by short annotations intended to not only guide interested readers to relevant material, but to also acknowledge the field’s breadth and depth.

In addition, the journal cultivates a broad and diverse understanding of the Era, by publishing reviews for books that do more than state the familiar. In recent decades, the manuscripts reviewed in the journal analyze not only the battles or politics that rightly define the period’s turning points, but also closely examine how assumptions regarding race, class, region, religion, and gender defined the Civil War generation and those that followed. Each issue features reviews and columns that reflect the journal’s commitment to the field’s groundbreaking publications.

Ultimately, the journal is both a scholarly and community resource to unite Americans in understanding the most divisive and important era in their national history. As a public and free web entity, the CWBR stimulates conversation among professional scholars and the general reading public; a public whose historical knowledge is often by necessity confined to threadbare stereotypes about why the United States plunged into civil war and how the nation internalized the war’s results.

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