About My Library
The books I have here are the ones I had read since 2009. Also some of my favorite books ever and the ones I own which are mostly in Spanish.
My rates are completely subjective.
5 stars to the books I like the most and would read again.
4 stars to the ones I like and consider good to read
3 stars to the books I found difficult to finish or didn't impress me much but have some good in them after all,
And 2 or 1 to the books I didn't like.
About Me
At night I like to read in my bed or in a sofa with music that change depending of what I'm reading (for example I like the mix of Radiohead with Henry Miller, chopin with Becquer's poems...). At day time I read next to a window (specially when it's raining) or whenever I have to wait (line, class, bus...)
I read 35 to 45 books per year. I would like to read more but this year I'm going slowly because I'm reading just in English, a language I'm just learning. I read non-fiction but I prefer fiction, especially classics, but I'm flexible.

I'm a lonely soul. People around me, don't share my reading-obsession and I end alone with my thoughts...my music and my books.
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