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Nov 18, 2010
About Me
I started writing in Grade 5. I wrote a story about some animals in a forest that was being threatened by logging. I made it into a homemade book with illustrations I had done myself. My teacher found it in my desk at school and made me read it to the class. I vividly remember this next part. A girl in the class spoke up and said I had copied the movie Fern Gully. Perhaps I had been inspired by the movie but I had written that story myself from my own ideas. Then my teacher, who everyone in the class pretty much hated, said to me in this doomful voice "Next time use your own brain!" I never wrote fiction again until I was an adult. Its amazing how a young person's creativity can be squashed so easily by a negative and harsh criticizing adult.
Anyways, when I was in grade 8, I started writing poetry. This became my passion and its never ceased being so. As a teenager I was depressed and writing poetry was an outlet for me. Later this outlet turned me into a writer devoted to the art of poetry. I have not published any poems but I have many that I hope to one day publish.
I started writing fiction again in my early twenties. I started by writing a fanfiction for the TV show Alias to which I was obsessed with at the time. After finishing the novel length fanfiction, I turned to original fiction and I've been in love with writing fiction ever since. My debut novel is Entangled in Darkness. I spent 2 years on this novel and wrote my heart and soul into it. It is fictional but was inspired by my own experiences from my personal life and from working in mental health. This was the novel I had to write in order to release the tension inside of me. So I wrote it, a fictional story inspired by real life.
Now that I've written that, I plan to continue writing and explore other areas such as science fiction and fantasy which I love to read. I love space. I love the idea of space travel and the idea of worlds foreign to us in a vast universe we'll never know all of. So that's where my writing is heading next.
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