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3 = Books that are enjoyable, but nothing to write home about.
4 = Books that are hard to put down, and can’t wait to pick up again.
5 = Books I would like to read again.
Update 12/31/2020
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I am glad 2020 is over. Very bad year, with Covid, and other things happening. In an attempt to make it better, I resolve to say, "I AM HAPPY" to myself when I have nothing better to think. It works.

I re-read four books over the last six months, all I would recommend: Harry Potter 4 The Goblet Of Fire, Harry Potter 5 The Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter 6 The Half-Blood Prince, and Memorial Day Mitch Rapp 7. I changed Memorial Day from a 2 rating to a 4 rating. I still have a few Mitch Rapp novels to read too. I read two books I had not read before: Consent to Kill Mitch Rapp 8 and Countdown 1945: The Extraordinary Story of the Atomic Bomb and the 116 Days That Changed the World. Both were good, and I recommend. This is the first time I recommend every book I read over a six month period. Rereading favorites is something I plan to do more often.

No new books were added to the read before joining LibraryThing collection. There are books that need to go in the collection, but I don't know what they are. Changing Memorial Day Mitch Rapp 7 from 2 stars to 4 stars is why before joining number of two star books went from 127 to 126, and four star books went up to 67 from 66. Before joining LibraryThing rating went up to 3.01785714285714 from 3.01275510204082. That is a 0.00510204081632 improvement.

The Overall rating went up to 3.01615508885299 from 3.06882591093117. That is 0.05267082207818, so that is cool.

The spreadsheet that shows how many books read each six months, and also how their overall rating average moves since joining LibraryThing, shows this: The number of books read over the last six months was one of the lowest: tied for 18th of 21 places with June 2018. Increase of the average rating was first! Ding Ding. The 0.08661 increase proves I should just read Harry Potter books

See About My LibraryThing Library for previous updates.

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