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S'ha unit
Aug 25, 2009
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Maisie Finn
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This account is for only putting my favoritest books in it, and working hard to make good reviews.
I love a good mystery!! I read anything- kid's books to thick, heavy books. I don't care! As long as I'm good.
About Me
I am a curious teen loving the world of books ever since I was born. I'm waiting to discover more books that will satisfy me every second of the day. I enjoy surfing the web, listing to my fav. tunes, hanging out with my bff's. My favorite pastime is working in the kitchen, gardening, and doing research. I love ANY kind of research. I just do. As a teen, my parents are always pestering me about college, so I figure it's the best choice to go. I want to become a specialist in reading and grammar and become a teacher. My hopes and dreams is to make good choices. :-)

I have two little sisters on this site: Maidas9 and K.O.A.L.A

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