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Mary J Rincon

Mary J Rincon és un autor/a de LibraryThing, un autor/a que afegeix la seva biblioteca personal a LibraryThing.

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Runaway Carolina (Volume 1) de Mary Rincon

Dear God (Volume 1) de Mary J Rincon MJR

Maresa's Castle (Maresa's Day) (Volume 1) de Mary J Rincon

Oh How I Love You (Volume 1) de Mary Rincon

The Panda And The Puppy de Mary J Rincon

Christmas Bear: Works In A Nursing Home (Volume 1) de Mary J rincon

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Quant a miMy Name is Mary Rincon
I am a book Author
I also served as A Minister for some years in the Christian Faith.
I have researched and kept an open mind and decided to follow Jesus in the Catholic Faith .
This is a big step for me .
I am waiting and excited that I will be Baptized Catholic .
I have been in RCIA for a year almost two years .
I would love to hear from you about your faith in God .
You can friend me on
I have written books on my faith in God and the pains sorrows and joys of my life experiences .
My favorite book I wrote is Dead Or Alive Agent Orange .
Most of my heart and soul went into it .
I am Blessed with a wonderful husband and a Beautiful family ,
Along with my pet chows and poodle Patches and Bo.
We live in Southern ,Ca .

Quant a
la meva biblioteca
These are the Books I have written .
Also Read a review from Readers Choice About my book Dead Or Alive Agent Orange .

Book Review
Reviewed by Katelyn Hensel for Readers' Favorite

At first, I was a bit put off by the stilted style of the writing in Dead or Alive Agent Orange by Mary Rincon. Everything is so short and clipped that I felt it was jarring. However, as I thought about how this kind of writing was applied, and to which scenes, it actually started to make some sense. The narrator is struggling through the grief of her dying grandfather. When anyone deals with grief, how do they speak? Short, clipped, and vacant. No one really talks on and on; they are just wrapped up in their own thoughts, responding quickly and without emotion when they have been shaken by a question or comment from another person. In that respect, the writing style was quite brilliant. It portrays an emotion, a feeling, an image, without actually having spelled it out at all. Very attentive to detail and skillfully done.

The formatting was also a bit jarring until you get used to it. There were many chapters that were only a page or two, and the thoughts seemed to jump around a bit too much for me. However, if you stick with it, you really start to form a picture in your mind of what's going on and you get a curious sense of pride that you have pieced together all these scattered moments and memories. The book in general is a mix of genres. It's kind of a novel, but also kind of a memoir. It's difficult to place, but I thought it was very well written and well done. I would recommend for anyone looking for a bit of a thrill.

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