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SciFi (27), IT (15), Technical (14), Server (9), SBS (7), Bolos (5), MCSE (3), Security (2), Vampire (2), Video (2), Vista (1), Win 7 (1), Vorkosigan (1), History (1), Firearms (1), XP (1), Star Trek (1), MCSA (1), WWII (1), Tigers (1)
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Aug 14, 2008
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Matt Wilson
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Just a partial listing of my libraries, I have boxes of books in storage and will slowly be adding them over time.
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What's to say, I have electic tastes, ranging from my academic studies, to reference books and guides I use professionally, to history, to my pleasure reading. Don't try to make too much sense of what you see or you'll get a headache.

I have a lot of books in storage that need to be added in here. Call it a long delayed labor of love
Sandy, OR
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