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Jul 23, 2008
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On ratings:
If I own a book it's practically a given I adore it, so ratings are based on re-readability and usefulness. They're not a judgment of a work's quality, just an expression of how pleased I am to have a copy readily at hand. Otherwise I've no idea how to justify the impudence of giving the King James Bible three stars or Charles Dickens four.

Three stars means "I am very pleased to own this book." Adjust up or down as necessary. I do not rate books I have not read.

On reviews:
My one-sentence reviews are intended to succinctly express my opinion of a work. LT's help page on reviews states, "Blue flags are NOT appropriate for short reviews". The flag operation itself states, "'Not a review' is not intended for short reviews, poorly-written reviews or reviews you disagree with." Therefore my short reviews are, indeed, real reviews and I hope those who disagree with me will courteously refrain from flagging them otherwise.

dorothy: v. intr. To travel from the normal, everyday world to a fantasy world. "Dorothy dorothied from Kansas to Oz." v. tr. To move another person from the normal, everyday world to a fantasy world. "The tornado dorothied Dorothy to Oz." Common in YA fantasy and Stephen R. Donaldson. Harry Potter is a hidden world, not a dorothy.
Saint Paul, MN
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