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Apr 19, 2006
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Mira and James Whiting
Sobre la meva biblioteca
When we moved into our current apartment, it was amazing how unpacked we were just after putting the books on the shelves! A few months later they were organized by genre and alphabetically by author. Most of our books are in the living room, the textbooks are in the office, and the cookbooks, of course, live in the kitchen!
Sobre mi
James and I love books! We've actually run out of space in our apartment, but it's hard to break the book-buying habit! In addition to reading, we share several hobbies and pursue others separately. Together we ring church bells (in the English style of change ringing), square dance, watch movies, and daven with the Orthodox Minyan at MIT Hillel (and sometimes at the Tremont Street Shul). So, not surprisingly, we've got a fair number of books on bell ringing and religion (although none on square dancing yet!) We also both enjoy science fiction and fantasy books quite a lot, and they take up a fair amount of real estate on our book shelves. We both enjoy cooking as well, and our kitchen has two shelves of cookbooks.

When we moved in together, we merged our libraries. (Quite a big step!) James double majored as an undergrad at MIT in electrical engineering and computer science and aero/astro (focusing on the "astro" side). He then got his masters in astronautical engineering and is now working on his dissertation in astrodynamics (how to move spaceships from point A to point B) also at MIT. Needless to say, he's got a ton of technical books! In his spare time, James has been known to take classes in tai chi, chi gung, and ba gua as well as participate in MIT's isshinryu karate club. This interest manifests itself on our shelves in the form of many books on these topics and Chinese medicine.

As for myself, as and undergrad I studied acting at first, hence the huge number of plays in our collection. I ended up majoring in American history and gender though, and that is well represented as well. I tried history grad school for a semester, but it ended up being a bad fit, so now I'm working a regular 9-5 job giving me time to read books of my own choosing. In my spare time I knit, sew, garden, sing, and morris dance, but none of those subjects are very obvious from our book shelves.

My amazon wishlist is here:
Dorchester, MA
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