Real Name
Harold Wood
About My Library
I have two six-long bookshelves filled to the brim, and scattered book cases all over my house! I'm really trying to support our public library more though, honest!
About Me
I've been a wilderness advocate and environmental activist and educator for over 30 years. In the Sixties I devoured the writings of John Muir as a high school student. In the Seventies, while attending college and graduate school, I worked on grassroots efforts to pass wilderness legislation in California and Washington State, which included congressional establishment of the Clearwater Wilderness in Washington and efforts supporting the Alaska Lands Act. In the Eighties, I worked on everything from international environmental issues like tropical rainforests to oak tree preservation in my home town. In the Nineties I focused on environmental education and the Sierra Club John Muir Education Committee . Now in the Oughts, we feels we oughta Restore Hetch Hetchy: !

I am active in the Sierra Club, and currently chairs its LeConte Memorial Lodge Committee, and the John Muir Education Committee - I am the webmaster for the award-winning John Muir Exhibit website as well as for the Sierra Club's Hetch Hetchy Restoration website and the Restore Hetch Hetchy website.

My hobbies include reading, hiking, swimming, photography, first-day cover collecting, world geography & travel (29 countries & counting), and watching movies. I enjoy Eco-music, Celtic Music, Folk Music, and Songs for World Peace.

Religious Affiliations: Unitarian-Universalist; Universal Pantheist, and Macintosh. ;-)
Kaweah Watershed, CA
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