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Quant a miThe makings of a bibliophile:

When I was four, my grandma would take me to the library almost every day, and she had one rule: I could only check out 10 books at a time, and one of them had to be non-fiction. We'd get home, and she'd sit with me on her lap and read them to me, plus a stack of my favorite books that I had at home. Over the course of my childhood, she spent countless hours reading to me, along with my grandfather and my mom.

I think they realized that there was something a bit different about me when they figured out that the best way to persuade me to do something was to promise to read more to me. For example, when I was in the "stubborn food" phase of childhood, they could get me to eat just about anything with the "bite per page deal" -- they'd read a page, I'd eat a bite. They'd read another, I'd eat another. I suppose one could literally say that books nourished me.


Quant a
la meva biblioteca
These are my books, and books I want, and books I've checked out, and books I want to read, and books I've read (well, some of them, at least).

That means that not everything on this list is *owned* by me. To keep them straight, I use a set of special tags for books that I don't currently own, including library books:

* Library -- a library book I've borrowed, whether currently or previously
** MSO Library -- borrowed from MSO local library
** UM Library -- obviously, borrowed from UM's library
*** Law Library -- particular section of UM library
*** Boyce Library -- Phil Dept's library
*** CFE Library -- Center for Ethics user library
** CCO -- "Currently Checked Out" a book I currently have checked out from a library

* RO -- "Read Only" This is for books that I've read and enjoyed but do not own and were not checked out from a library. This tag is by definition incomplete, because I'm always reading more and will never remember all the books I've read in the past.

* borrowed -- books that were borrowed from someone (see comments for lender)
** NTR -- "NEED TO RETURN" Important! This is a book that was borrowed from someone and that I still have -- it needs to be returned eventually. Kind of like the "CCO" tag.

*ON LOAN -- A book that I've loaned out to someone. (Remember to get it back someday!) See comments for to whom and when...

*Own -- This is for books that I physically possess in some format (hardback/paperback/in a compilation, etc). Because duplicates are not always a good thing.


Also, I sort of have "to do" list tags for books that I want in some way. There's more than one list, and they're different in important ways-- see [brackets] for more info.


* Wishlist -- a book I want to own. This can be either a book that I have not yet read, or one I've read already. [Does not imply read status.]
* Readlist -- a book that I want to read. This can be either a book I own and haven't had a chance to read yet, or one that I don't own but want to borrow/acquire for at least long enough to read. [Does not imply owned status.]


Because LibraryThing is supposed to be a *library* -- a list of books that I am connected to -- I have made one rule, defined as follows:

"If a book is on this list, it must meet either condition A or contition B.

* A: The book is a book that I own (has the "own" tag).
* B: The book is tagged with one of the following tags:
** Library
** RO
** borrowed
** wishlist
** readlist

If the book does not meet A or B (that is, is not owned by me and does not have one of the specified tags), then it should not be listed."

However, I am bad about consistently doing this; also, a lot of books that should be listed just aren't. Oh least I'm working on it.


GrupsGraduate Students, Legacy Libraries, Medicine, ravelry, Science!

Autors preferitsNeil Gaiman, Hafiz, Laurell K. Hamilton, Gabriel García Márquez, Tamora Pierce, Tom Robbins, Neal Stephenson (Preferits compartits)


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