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The org book collection started in 1994. Also containing books from Mute's previous existence at the Slade School of Art (London, UK) and CalArts (Valencia, US).
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Mute - culture and politics after the net. A sustained critique, a concrete jumble of all thats grunting in the hyper-barrios of culture, politics + technology 2.0 as capitalism yawns toward apocalypse.

Mute is an online magazine dedicated to exploring culture and politics after the net. Mute combines quarterly issues dedicated to specific topics (Precarious Labour, The Knowledge Commons, etc) with regularly updated articles and reviews. The site also features ongoing coverage of relevant news and events contributed by ourselves and our readers.

As well as the online magazine, Mute also publishes a quarterly book (aka Mute Vol. 2) which features selections from current issues together with other online content, specially commissioned and co-published projects, and relevant historical material.

Finally, Mute is also a technology group, with its project OpenMute a think-do-and-share-tank making tools for independent publishing; ePublishing, Drupal web site, digital strategy for the cultural sector.
Soho, London, UK
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