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The Digger's Game de George V. Higgins

Wolfe 12: Too Many Women (Nero Wolfe) de Rex Stout

Kendry 01: Veil (Veil Kendry) de George C. Chesbro

The Wit and Wisdom of Discworld de Terry Pratchett

The New Hugo Winners: Volume IV de Hugo Winners

Marlowe 08: Poodle Springs (Philip Marlowe) de Raymond Chandler

The Aquitaine Progression de Robert Ludlum

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Etiquetescrime fiction (2,404), mystery (2,189), bought (2,037), series (2,001), toread2 (1,042), detective (739), novel (735), science fiction (698), thriller (646), p.i. (430) — mostra totes les etiquetes

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la meva biblioteca
This is my genre book collection (mostly mysteries, thrillers and science fiction) which, when completed, should have 4000+ books.

I have MANY other separate LT lists (17+) relating to books, dvds, and cds -- owning them, reading them, watching them and listening to them. I also maintain lists for future reading, viewing and listening. I even have a separate list for my travel destinations. Some are public, most of them private (I mean do you actually care what I read, watch, listen to?)

My general book collection is listed on LT under 'xenophon' (which, when finished, will probably have 5000+ books.)

So that I don't clog up my 'actual' libraries, I have created LT sites for those books that I wish to read/purchase under 'toread1' (for general books) and 'toread2' (for genre books.) Amazon also has a great website for listing books you are interested in purchasing in the future. My list there is over 400 books long. I buy about 500 books a year, many via amazon.

Because I wish to maintain 'pure' book collection lists, I also have separate LT lists for my cd collection ('cd collection') and dvd collection ('dvdcollection').

For personal purposes I maintain private LT lists of those movies/tv series watched/to be watched ('toview') and cd's listened to/to be listened to ('tolisten'.)

For reference purposes I also maintain private LT lists of books that I have obtained over the years, read over the years, as well as those I have disposed of since I started using LT. I travel a fair amount and have an LT list 'worldtravel' of where I have been/what I have seen.

I attempt to keep these various lists tagged and cross-referenced as appropriate. (Yes, I know, I devote FAR too many hours of the day to updating/maintaining these lists.) Someday they will be done and the 4-6 hours a day I spend on LT can be put back into actual reading/viewing. I DO get to listen to my cd collection while on LT.

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