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Membre: nautilus_library

Col·leccionsLa teva biblioteca (6,060)

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Etiquetes~DF (3,295), _GEN (2,887), ~html (2,595), ~gendf (1,325), ~gensnd (1,309), ~SND (1,300), audio (1,258), ~BK (1,120), _CL (858), pdusa (853) — mostra totes les etiquetes

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Quant a miProfessional librarian, dj, and student of history and culture.

Quant a
la meva biblioteca
As of 07 oct. 2015, of the items in my LT catalogue, there are approx.
* 1,111 hard-copy books and and other print items (tag ~BK)
* 133 Videos, mostly DVD's plus 2 VHS's (tag ~VDR)
* 1,297 audio items (tag ~SND), including . . .
> -- 838 12-inch vinyl (phongraph records) -- both albums and singles
> -- 132 7-inch vinyl (singles)
> -- 425 CD's -- both albums and singles
* 1,900 ebooks and other digital text files, plus a few MP3 music and other audio files (tag ~DF for all digital files)

I am planning a revamp and plan to significantly downside my book collection (by approximately 40%), plus some sound recordings and videos. There is much that will be kept but there is also, from my perspective, a lot not really of my foci, and was just haphazardly accumulated because it was easy to do. To keep that latter portion of my current library in my small residence would only be hoarding.

NOTE: This library started out as the smellthecoffee library. It was copied over to its new home here around 2008. What will become of the smellthecoffee catalog has not been determined.

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UbicacióAtlanta (offline lib.), Brooklyn NY, New Orleans, cyberspace

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Membre des deFeb 26, 2007

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