Sobre la meva biblioteca

I am not very good at using these kinds of sites... sorry if it is disorganized. I do not like maintaining too many of them..... so my categories are broad..

"Bruin's Backlog" is a library of books I think my boyfriend would like. He likes very traditional and "serious" fantasy, like LoTR. We might have these, or we might not. Unread.

My Library is for books I like to revisit, or would like to. Read.

To Read is books I would like to read, even if I don't own them yet or if I do. Unread.

Peace, kindness, understanding and love

Sobre mi

I like a lot of different kinds of books. I like fantasy, sci-fi, historical fiction, and more. I tend to enjoy books like those by Terry Pratchett, who is very witty. But I like "serious" books too, like Frank Herbert's Dune series. I don't think it is as popular here, but I also like a lot of manga.

I program, illustrate, and play a lot of video games. I like rhythm games and Guild Wars 2.

I am autistic. I have PTSD and generalized anxiety, among others, although my symptoms are improving. Please be gentle ( ´・・)ノ(._.`)

Peace, kindness, understanding and love

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